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Avmor’s Masterclass Podcasts Series for Avmor provides a surprisingly simple but effective way to remove odours from restroom floors

Got Odours?  Get a Plastic Bag How to Bag Restroom Odours;The Trick is in the Bag To eliminate malodours in restrooms, often cleaning professionals will use stronger and stronger cleaning solutions on walls, counters, fixtures, and the floor. This can be called “hit all the bases,” since we are not sure where the odor is […]


MARKETING MATERIALS VIDEOS WHITEPAPERS NEWS PODCASTS TESTIMONIALS #image_523891569 { width: 100%; } As Canada’s leading manufacturer in cleaning solutions, it is essential that we provide you with the utmost in quality and performance. Through our onsite availability, expertise, knowledge, and commitment to quality, Avmor ensures products are used safely and effectively to guarantee maximum performance [...]

Avmor Celebrates Its 70th Anniversary by Looking Forward to the Next 70 Years

Avmor Celebrates Its 70th Anniversary by Looking Forward to the Next 70 Years This year marks Avmor’s 70th year in business.  While the company proudly looks back on its founding and growth over the years, it is primarily focused on looking forward, finding ways it can better serve the needs and challenges of building service […]


Sustainability Sustainability is an essential part of Avmor’s commitment to health and safety. Our goal is to minimize the use of harsh chemicals in cleaning solutions and to contribute to healthier and safer environments for custodians, visitors, students, educators, residents and any other users of your facility. Being sustainable and employing long-term strategies to ensure [...]