Avmor's Floor Care Training Guide

Top Scrub & Recoat

A deep scrub removes soil in the top layer of the floor finish and prevents dirt from being trapped between recoats. If the floor dulls quickly after spray buffing or high speed buffing, it is normally a symptom of thinning and/or soiled floor finish. This condition requires a deep scrub and recoat.
Required Equipment
1. Wet Floor Sign
2. Gloves and Glasses
3. Measuring Cup/System
4. Dust Mop and Vacuum
5. Putty Knife
6. Dust Pan, Brush and Bin
7. Tape
8. Doodle Bug with Black Pads
9. Autoscrubber or single disc
    floor machine
10. Wet Vacuum and Squeegee
11. Blue, Green or Black Pads
12. Plastic Bag
13. Finish Mop
14. Measuring Kit

Deep Scrub Products: Neutralizer:
Baseboard Cleaner:
   Floor Preparation

Remove furniture
and clear the floor.

Dust mop entire floor and remove gum and other adhesives.

If there is a section that you do not want to top scrub then tape those areas.

Place ”WET
FLOOR“ signs.

Put on Protective Clothing.

Mix AVMOR top
scrubbing solution
with water.

   Top Scrubbing Option #1: Rotary Scrubbing

Flood the floor with
solution. Allow to dwell for 5 to 10 minutes.

Place black, blue or green pad on machine and scrub to remove top layer of old finish.

Flip or change pads as required. Pick up dirty solution with wet vacuum.

Rinse by damp mopping thoroughly with clean cold water. Using pH test kit confirm pH of floor.

Apply desired number of Avmor coats of Avmor Floor Finish. Follow procedure (Floor Sealing and Floor Finishing).

Tips & Tricks
  • Floor must be thoroughly rinsed and completely dry before recoat.
  • Always use clean equipment, mops & pads.
  • Use an old section of the walk off matting to place equipment (buckets, floor mops) in order to help keep area clean.
  • Select the chemical and dilution that is aggressive enough to remove dirty polish layers.
  • If you use pads, chemical or a machine that is too aggressive it might cause a complete stripping procedure.
   Top Scrubbing Option #2: Auto Scrubbing

Apply solution to floor. Scrub floor, do
not pick up solution,
allow to dwell for 5

Scrub the floor with desired pad, squeegee up, double pass and vacuum turned off.

Flip or change pads as required. On second pass, scrub floor with squeegee down and vacuum on to pick up dirty solution.

Rinse by damp mopping or autoscrubbing with red pad and clean water. Using pH test kit confirm pH of floor. Apply desired
number of coats of Avmor Floor Finish.
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