EP50 Oxymix Dilution Control System

STATUS: Active

Option 1Option 2
Item #0000024314Item #24371
Format1×1 un E-GAPFormat1×1 un Air-GAP
Weight2.268 kgWeight2.268 kg
Option 3Option 4
Item #0000257478Item #N/A
Format1×1 un cabinetFormatN/A
Weight0.50 kgWeightN/A

This is your one product/ one dispenser complete cleaning solution! Depending on the dilution rate (preset), you can create 4 products out of a 4L EP50 Cleaner Disinfectant. The preset dilution rates include: 1:12 Disinfectant, 1:38 Multi-Purpose Cleaner, 1:127 Glass Cleaner/HIV-1, 1:127 Floor Cleaner