HARVEST TIME Country Garden Space Deodorant(aerosol)

STATUS: Active, Will be discontinued, available while quantities last.

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Format12×170 grFormatN/A
Weight4.54 kgWeightN/A

Odour neutralizers that attack unpleasant and unavoidable odours. Each can contans 3000 metered sprays. For exclusive use HARVEST TIME (0000023876) dispensers.

Remove protective cap and insert in dispenser. Adjust Interval Setting to 30 minutes, 24/7 for 30 day operation or amend settings as desired. Position dispenser so that the concentrated spray will not directly fall on people, animals, food, beverages, food processing surfaces or solvent-sensitive surfaces including varnished or painted surfaces. NOTE:Time-dispense metered cabinets should be mounted on wall at least 7 feet above the floor and in a location free from furniture, sensitive plastic surfaces or any other objects 3 feet in frontof the cabinet. Time-dispensing cabinets are not intended for use by placement on horizontal surfaces such as cabinets, shelves or other finished surfaces. When mounted in small, enclosed areas with little to no exhaust, set dispenser on longest interval setting.