ROTEX Neutral Cleaner

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ROTEX is a one-step neutral cleaner designed to remove embedded soils quickly from hard surfaces without any residue and leaving the floor sparkling clean. ROTEX requires no rinsing and can be used from a pail or a spray bottle. It is specifically formulated for use in automatic scrubbers due to its low foam formula, facilitating quick pick-up and reduced recovery tank change-outs. ROTEX is pH buffered to keep its strength in water without risk of damaging the floor’s protective coating. ROTEX is safe to use on all washable surfaces and can equally be used as an all-purpose cleaner. This effective formulation delivers superior cleaning performance.

AUTOSCRUBBER: Use approximately 500 ml (1:130) of ROTEX per tank to clean normal soils from surfaces. Increase concentration if necessary.
NORMAL SOIL: Mix 12 ml (1:80) of ROTEX to 1 litre of water.
HEAVY SOIL BUILD-UP: Mix 20 ml (1:50) of ROTEX to 1 litre of water.
PRECAUTIONS FOR FOOD PLANTS: Equipment and surfaces subjected to direct food contact must be thoroughly rinsed with potable water after cleaning with this product. Avoid contamination of food during use. Do not store in food processing or food storage area.