SF152 Cleaner and Gloss Enhancer

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An advanced formula that utilizes CSAD-0710 technology has allowed the development of this specially formulated, one-step gloss and slip resistance enhancing cleaner/maintainer. SF152 Cleaner and Gloss Enhancer is effective at cleaning and maintaining the gloss of a wide range of fl oor surfaces, including static dissipative, conductive and standard vinyl tile, synthetic sports fl ooring, marble, terrazzo, polished stones, and sealed wood. SF152 can be applied with either a mop or an autoscrubber. It will not cause a build-up with routine use. Floors maintained with SF152 will have slip resistance characteristics that meet or exceed the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI) recommendations for slip resistance.

1. Thoroughly sweep the fl oor to remove any dirt or soil.
2. Floors with heavy concentrations of oil, grease, or animal protein soils should initially be cleaned with an Avmor Cleaner Degreaser (follow proper use direction) to obtain optimum results.
3. Dilute SF152 Cleaner And Gloss Enhancer between 4-8 oz (120-240 ml) per gallon (3.78 L) with warm water (1:30 to 1:15), depending on the soil load and porosity of the fl oor to be cleaned and treated.
4. SF152 may be applied using either a mop (a two bucket system, one for solution, the other for soiled water) or an autoscrubber.
- If using a mop and bucket(s) system, ensure you mop head is thoroughly soaked of the solution in order and allow 5 minutes
dwell time to get best results.
- If using an autoscrubber, place the SF152 solution in the feed tank of the autoscrubber with red nylon pads. The solution may be applied, scrubbed, and vacuumed in one step. However for heavily soiled fl oors, double scrub the area to be cleaned. Squeegee up on the fi rst pass. Following damp mopping or scrubbing, allow the fl oor to dry completely. Do not rinse.
5. To restore gloss or repair scuffs, buff the treated area with an appropriate buffi ng pad with either a low or high-speed single disk rotary fl oor machine (175-350 RPM).