SF303 Water Based-Urethane Fortified Sealer Finish

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SF303 Water Based-Urethane Fortified Sealer Finish is a unique, black pigmented, urethane fortified, metal free, acrylic sealer/finish. SF303 is designed to provide a durable high gloss coating to a variety of surfaces including arena skate flooring, resilient tile, mineral, stone, and asphalt anti-fatigue floor surfaces. SF303 can be used alone as a sealer and finish for arena skate flooring, or top coated with an Avmor floor finish and maintained by high speed burnishing to provide a “wet-look” gloss on other flooring surfaces.

SKATE FLOORING, CONCRETE, STONE OR BRICK: New floors should be allowed to cure for at least thirty days prior to applying this product. Application of this sealer/finish to floors colder than 60 °F (15 °C) is not recommended. Depending on soil conditions clean the floor thoroughly with an Avmor’s neutral floor cleaner to remove any dirt. The floor should be rinsed thoroughly with clean water before applying the sealer/finish. When dry, vacuum floor to remove any dust or loose dirt particles. NOTE: If the composition or origin of an existing finish is unknown, apply a test patch to determine compatibility and adequate adhesion characteristics. VINYL OR ASPHALT ANTI-FATIGUE TILE: Any existing finish must be removed completely using an Avmor floor stripper. Lightly rinse floors using an autoscrubber or mop and wringer bucket containing an Avmor neutral floor cleaner to remove emulsified floor finish residue. Allow floor to dry thoroughly. APPLICATION: Apply an even coat of SF303 Water-Based Urethane Fortified Sealer Finish using a flat mop, microfiber, synthetic applicator or roller. Avoid puddling or uneven application and allow the first coat to dry for 30 to 45 minutes. Apply additional coats until desired results are obtained. A minimum of 2-3 coats will be necessary to achieve uniform pigmentation on smooth surfaces and a minimum of 4 coats on rough surfaces. Maintain the floor by damp mopping with Avmor’s neutral floor cleaner. Note: Always follow manufacturer’s proper use direction for recommended products