SF326 Synthetic Finish for Sheet & Sports Flooring

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SF326 Synthetic Finish For Sheet & Sports Flooring is a water-based urethane/acrylic polymer formulation for sheet flooring, vinyl baseboards, linoleum (marmoleum), laminate flooring, sport and raised rubber flooring surfaces. SF326 penetrates into a variety of surfaces, conditioning and protecting them against dirt, soil and abrasion while producing a high gloss and easy to maintain finish. SF326 offers exceptional adhesion and durability while maintaining a high degree of flexibility required to conform to the variable surface conditions of sport flooring materials. This flexibility helps avoid the problems of fracturing and cracking associated with some types of finishes used on these synthetic floors. Note: We do not recommend using SF326 on Robbins Durathon or similarly porous floors.

FOR INITIAL APPLICATION: Remove any existing finish with an Avmor’s Floor Stripper. Follow use direction of the Floor Stripper and test in an inconspicuous spot to ensure it will not damage your floor. Scrub the fl oor surfaces with a deep cleaning pad (green or blue), or a good quality nylon brush for textured surfaces. Vacuum or mop up the scrubbing solution and rinse the fl oor with clean cold water. Optimum results are obtained by applying 3 thin coats of SF326 Synthetic Finish for Sheet and Sports Flooring using a clean fi nish mop, fl at mop, microfi ber or synthetic applicator. Allow at least 60 minutes drying time between coats.

TO COAT IRREGULAR OR TEXTURED SURFACES: Dilute SF326 with equal amounts of water (1:1) and apply a light coat with a pressurized or airless sprayer. After spraying, to ensure uniform application, spread SF326 evenly using an appropriate applicator. Optimum appearance will be achieved with 5-6 applications.

SCRUBBING AND RECOATING TO RESTORE APPEARANCE: Floors in good condition that require touching up may be scrubbed with an Avmor’s cleaner/degreaser. Use a low speed (175-350 rpm) buffi ng machine or automatic scrubber equipped with a blue or green scrubbing pad to remove embedded dirt and surface oxidation. After scrubbing rinse the fl oor with clean water. Apply 1 or 2 thin coats of SF326 using a clean fi nish mop or applicator. Allow 60 minutes between coats. Regular maintenance will extend the life of SF326. Sweep or dry mop with a mop treated with a water-based mop treatment or with a pre-treated mop daily or as necessary depending on traff c conditions. Follow by damp mopping with an Avmor’s neutral cleaner, or Avmor’s TF100 Anti-Slip Neutral Daily Floor Cleaner. Avoid using harsh cleaners and oil-based mop treatments. SF326 may be burnished to restore its gloss, but we recommend checking the flooring manufacturer’s instructions before burnishing to avoid damaging your fl oor.