W-75 Floor Finish

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W-75 is formulated to work with any maintenance method and equipment on all types of floors. It offers good gloss characteristics along with durability making it the number one choice of school boards and institutions where spray-buffing maintenance schedules and budgets are restricted. W-75 offers fast drying properties so down time is at a minimal and it responds well to burnishing.

Completely remove old finish and sealer from the floor using an Avmor Floor Stripper and rinse thoroughly. When floor is dry apply 2-3 uniform coats of finish. Allow 30 minutes drying time between coats.
DRY MOPPING: Remove loose dirt and grit with a dust mop. If required, apply 1-2 coats of EP86 Lokseal Floor Sealer.
WET MOPPING: Use an Avmor neutral cleaner as directed.
SPRAY BUFFING: Ensure a minimum base of 2-3 coats of finish is on the floor. Use a 50-50 mixture of finish W-75 or use EP85 Sidekick Restorer as directed.