ZIP-STRIP High Powered Low Odour Stripper

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ZIP-STRIP that a mild organic base allows for an efficient dissolution of all floor finish types in a low odour solution. ZIP-STRIP’s ammonia and 2-butoxy ethanol free formula makes it the ideal product to be used in large surface areas or in high traffic areas such as schools, commercial centres, hospitals, etc.

LIGHT BUILD-UP: Dilute 1 part Zip-Strip with 4 parts of water.
MEDIUM BUILD-UP: Dilute 1 part Zip-Strip with 2 parts of water.
HEAVY BUILD-UP: Dilute 1 part Zip-Strip with 1 part of water.
1.Add recommended amount of Zip-Strip to cold water and apply liberally to floor.
2.Allow solution to work for 3 to 5 minutes. Agitate with mop or floor machine. Be sure to keep the floor wet.
3.Pick-up emulsified finish and dirt.
4.Rinse with clean water.
Note: Use of a floor machine is optional, but recommended.