Sustainability is an essential part of Avmor’s commitment to health and safety. Our goal is to minimize the use of harsh chemicals in cleaning solutions and to contribute to healthier and safer environments for custodians, visitors, students, educators, residents and any other users of your facility.

Being sustainable and employing long-term strategies to ensure effective solutions, will help uphold your needs and standards. Take advantage of our green products to ensure optimal sanitation results and exceed performance standards while improving indoor air quality and producing less waste.

Avmor’s commitment to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 as well as cGMP procedures signifies an understanding that maintaining an environmentally sound, sustainable expertise is a work ethic as much as it is an integral component of our UL EcoLogo certified solutions.

The development of environmentally conscious products attests to Avmor’s integrity, prioritizing the customer’s satisfaction, health, and success through unparalleled quality. At Avmor, a more complete clean entails enhancing the environment, health and well-being of our customers.

Avmor’s environmental policy is defined according to the environmental impacts, products and services of the company. An environmental analysis was done prior to determining the significant environmental impacts. Avmor’s environmental policy is revised annually by management at the Management Review meeting to ensure continuous improvement and contribute to the prevention of pollution.

Procedures are established to comply with legal and regulatory requirements as well as determining additional corporate commitments to environmental sustainability. Avmor ensures that its environmental policy is well understood and is communicated to the employees with trainings, internal communications and posting. Avmor’s environmental policy is also available for the public on the company’s web site.

Message from the President:

I am proud to announce that we have already taken concrete actions to attain this goal, including the creation of a Sustainability Committee. This committee already recommended the following initiatives:
Mattie Chinks , President

Marketing : Avmor’s Marketing Department’s primary objective is to educate the public about green cleaning and sustainable choices as an alternative to traditional cleaning products. In addition to focusing on publicizing the benefits of green cleaning, the Marketing Department uses recycled paper in all promotional materials and aims to reduce the use of color printing.

Manufacturing Plant : Avmor has implemented manufacturing practices that create less waste, use less energy and generally promote sustainability. More specifically, the manufacturing plant is aiming to reduce electricity consumption and water usage.

Finance Department : The finance department will reduce the use of paper and postage as a means of protecting the environment. One objective is to increase the use of electronic transfers for accounts payable and receivable.

Laboratory : Avmor will focus its R&D activities on the development of new green products and rationalize conventional technology to green technology.

Purchasing Department : Avmor will develop and implement a standard for evaluating our suppliers’ environmental policies and ensure that purchasing decisions take these policies into consideration. The Purchasing Department will work towards choosing environmentally responsible packaging for Avmor products.

Avmor offers an extensive range of premium quality cleaning solutions of which over 50 are UL EcoLogo certified, including products in our Ecopure, Biomor, Biomaxx Foam, and Quick Stuff lines. Being sustainable is a reflection of Avmor’s philosophy and work ethic which is channeled into every project, ensuring that constant research maximizes the ability to create new, innovative energy and efficient solutions. Avmor continuously engineers sustainable alternatives with low end use costs and labor savings, the result of concentrated solutions’ efficiency and high performance standards.

Avmor actively implements sustainable practices by creating products that guarantee a safer and healthier environment. Avmor’s sustainability committee is exemplary of the team’s dedication to internal efforts of reducing its environmental footprint. From using energy efficient lighting to recycling water used in production, Avmor meets and exceeds its sustainability policies’ objectives and compiles sustainability reports to inspire continual ecologically-focused initiatives.

Sustainability is implemented nationwide through Avmor’s CIMS (Cleaning Industry Management Standard) certified sales representatives who provide training to any in house or outsourced cleaning organization to deliver consistent quality services. Avmor’s sustainability services also include educating clients about appropriate measures to prevent the spread of infection, diseases, and providing free reviews to assess where customers are in terms of their “green” cleaning practices, as well as on-site availability to help measure cleanliness.

More than 50 of Avmor’s cleaning solutions are UL EcoLogo certified. UL EcoLogo is a third party certification with product specific regulations that was founded by Environment Canada in 1988. In order to receive certification, a product must undergo scientific testing at various stages of manufacturing and undergo audits to prove its compliance with precise performance standards. Avmor offers a diverse range of UL EcoLogo certified products comprised of 11 categories of solutions:

  • Hard Surface Cleaners
  • Hard Floor Care Products
  • Disinfectants
  • Cleaning and Degreasing Compounds
  • Drain and/or Grease Trap Additives – Biologically-Based
  • Hand Cleaners – Industrial and Institutional
  • Odour Control Additives – Alternative
  • Personal Care Products for Hand Soaps
  • Urinal Blocks

Avmor publishes annual Sustainability Reports that reflect on the year’s performance. The reports outline Avmor’s commitment to continual improvement of sustainability performance in the operations and manufacturing processes cleaning solutions. Optimizing internal support from the sustainability committee who set and follow through on established goals, the Sustainability Report considers the environmental and social components of Avmor’s operations. Each year, the Sustainability Report acknowledges which steps have been taken towards introducing greener, cleaner products into the marketplace.

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