About us

Avmor was founded in 1948 by Avrum Morrow and Henry Chinks. Avmor’s responsibility has been to provide optimal cleaning solutions while maintaining and enhancing health and safety standards. Remaining North America’s leading provider of professional cleaning solutions, Avmor’s innovative products and cleaning programs promote efficient, healthier, and sustainable practices that exceed performance expectations. Maximizing business revenues should not compromise compliance with sustainability and quality standards. Adopting Avmor’s sustainable and traditional cleaning solutions and training programs will help consistently exceed the required health, safety, environmental demands and requirements.

Why Avmor?

Clean for Health

Avmor’s practices encompasses a commitment to health and community by ensuring safer cleaning solutions, proper training and education for safe handling of products that contain less harmful chemicals for a healthy clean.

  • Dedicated to the community since its inception in the heart of Old Montreal, Avmor prioritizes the role of education.
  • Providing education and training (both hands on and video) support and guidance for customers and users.
  • Promoting disinfection of critical touch points.
  • Manufacturing safer cleaning solutions to ensure custodian’s safety and eliminating harmful effects caused by harsh chemicals.
  • Ensuring improved indoor air quality through cleaning programs.
  • Hosting Green Cleaning for Health Forums involves Avmor in the community through education about sustainable green products.

Clean for the Environment

Health is a necessity and clean is Avmor’s duty; let our innovative products ensure a healthier environment while adhering and surpassing sustainable objectives and manufacturing in accordance with industry standards.

  • Avmor has been on the forefront of the cleaning industry for over 65 years.
  • Health and sanitation are a priority; sustainable strategies maximize products’ efficiency.
  • Avmor’s responsibility of developing innovative technologies to deliver optimal results.
  • Social and environmental responsibility is integral to Avmor, offering a line of over 50 UL Ecologo certified cleaning solutions.
  • The use of innovative cleaning products demonstrates that high performance does not require compromising sustainability objectives.
  • Selecting raw materials and developing formulations that do not have negative impacts on our landfills.

Clean for Performance

Avmor has remained at the industry forefront, defining product performance standards and striving for the safest and most cost-effective cleaning solutions for professional use.

  • ISO 9001 certification attests to our dedication to quality and commitment to enhance customer satisfaction.
  • On-site Quality Control and Quality Assurance Lab, Regulatory Affairs Department, and Microbiology Lab. Total of 7 chemists.
  • Continuously manufacturing cleaning solutions with the objective of upholding efficient and environmentally conscious practices that consistently exceed expectations.
  • A rarity in Canada, Avmor’s outstanding facilities manufactures using cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practices) procedures, which is a prerequisite for manufacturing hand soaps that include antiseptic claims for DIN (Drug Identification Number) and NPN (Natural Product Number) approved products.
  • National efforts through, qualified and CIMS (Cleaning Industry Management Standard) certified Sales Representatives to provide cleaning and maintenance solutions and training support to distributers and end users to ensure optimal performance and safety.
Our Mission

To elevate the importance of cleaning with a focus on contributing to the health and safety in “away from home” spaces and environments. We provide complete solutions to our customers via a customer centric, innovation driven culture by leveraging the depth of our industry expertise and 70 years of experience.

Our Vision

Leading the way to ensure a cleaner, healthier and safer world.

Our Facilities

Headquartered in Laval, Quebec, Avmor is Canada’s leading manufacturer of professional cleaning solutions. Our state of the art manufacturing facilities include 8,000 pallet spaces, all of which is housed in a 155,000 square-foot ISO 9001certified plant. Avmor maximizes efficiency and sustainable initiatives through the use of modern equipment, private brand expertise and technology, all occurring within the same facility. Avmor holds an establishment license and manufactures using cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practices) procedures for the production of DIN (Drug Identification Number) and NPN approved hand care solutions. Our inventory is tracked using an integrated perpetual inventory computer system along with an integrated logistics system. Avmor’s innovations ensure quality through commitment to health, the environment and performance.

Our Laboratories

Avmor’s integrity is upheld by a dedicated team including 3 scientific researchers whose expertise research and develop industry leading cleaning solutions for our targeted market segments. An on-site quality control lab ensures a product output of highest quality. Our process is extensive, including conducting thorough testing of raw materials and finished solutions.  Avmor’s on-site facilities also include a fully equipped lab, regulatory affairs department, and microbiology lab that provide us with the ability to continuously develop the most efficient solutions. Through optimizing our quality control lab and quality assurance, Avmor is able to provide you with cleaning results that will exceed cleaning and health regulations and standards. At Avmor, we use our resources in the most optimal ways possible, which places us at the forefront of the industry, and solidifies our position as pioneers in environmentally friendly and innovative cleaning solutions.


More than 65 of Avmor’s cleaning solutions are Ecologo certified. UL Ecologo is a third party certification with product specific regulations that was founded by Environment Canada in 1988. In order to receive certification , a product must undergo scientific testing at various stages of manufacturing and undergo audits to prove its compliance with precise performance standards. Avmor offers a diverse range of Ecologo certified products comprised of 11 categories of solutions:

  1. Hard Surface Cleaners
  2. Hard Floor Care Products
  3. Disinfectants
  4. Cleaning
  5. Degreasing Compounds
  6. Drain and/or Grease Trap Additives – Biologically Based
  7. Hand Cleaners – Industrial
  8. Hand Cleaners – Institutional
  9. Odour Control Additives
  10. Personal Care Products
  11. Washroom Care Products
Avmor also has a variety of GREENGUARD Gold certified products. GREENGUARD Gold is The ONLY ONE certification that tests products for low-emitting of chemical emissions and VOCs when they are used. The  GREENGUARD Certification Program assures that products designed for use in indoor environment meet strict chemical emissions standards which contribute to the creation of healthier interiors. Products that have the GREENGUARD Certification have been independently tested and certified to demonstrate that they meet one of UL Environment’s rigorous ISO Guide 65 accredited third-party GREENGUARD Certification standards.

Sustainability is an essential part of Avmor’s commitment to health and safety. Our goal is to minimize the use of harsh chemicals in cleaning solutions and to contribute to healthier and safer environments for custodians, visitors, students, educators, residents and any other users of your facility.

Being sustainable and employing long-term strategies to ensure effective solutions, will help uphold your needs and standards. Take advantage of our green products to ensure optimal sanitation results and exceed performance standards while improving indoor air quality and producing less waste.

Avmor’s commitment to ISO 9001 as well as cGMP procedures signifies an understanding that maintaining an environmentally sound, sustainable expertise is a work ethic as much as it is an integral component of our UL EcoLogo certified solutions.

The development of environmentally conscious products attests to Avmor’s integrity, prioritizing the customer’s satisfaction, health, and success through unparalleled quality. At Avmor, a more complete clean entails enhancing the environment, health and well-being of our customers.

Avmor publishes annual Sustainability Reports that reflect on the year’s performance. The reports outline Avmor’s commitment to continual improvement of sustainability performance in the operations and manufacturing processes cleaning solutions. Optimizing internal support from the sustainability committee who set and follow through on established goals, the Sustainability Report considers the environmental and social components of Avmor’s operations. Each year, the Sustainability Report acknowledges which steps have been taken towards introducing greener, cleaner products into the marketplace.


2020 Sustainability Report

2019 Sustainability Report

2018 Sustainability Report

2017 Sustainability Report

2016 Sustainability Report

2015 Sustainability Report

2014 Sustainability Report

2013 Sustainability Report

2012 Sustainability Report Update

Avmor Collection

Avmor Group founder, Avrum Morrow, shares his love affair with Montreal, the city’s architecture and the local art world through his dedication to the Avmor Collection, an art gallery housed in the company’s original headquarters in the heart of Old Montreal. The ever-growing permanent collection boasts over 300 works of art, all depicting the inspiring facade of the historic Avmor building on Saint Helene street.

Over the past 40 years, Mr. Morrow has comissioned paintings, sculptures, photographs and drawings from artists young and old, famous and unknown. A testament to his dedication to the continuation of the gallery and its works of art, Mr.Morrow still offers personal tours of the collection by appointment.