Clean and Healthy Washrooms will help Retain and Attract Customers

Providing customers with a positive impression of your business can stem from the most unexpected places such as the washroom. Here are some aspects to keep in mind that will help guarantee a clean and healthy washroom. Cleaning First impressions can determine whether or not customers will return to your facility and if they can […]

BACK-TO-SCHOOL: Keeping Educational Facilities Healthy

Educational facilities operate for youths across all ages, from toddlers and children in elementary school, to the teenagers and young adults in high school and university. There are many objectives when implementing a cleaning program in educational facilities such as improving the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) for all students, staff and any other persons that […]

Keeping facilities clean during the heat wave

As temperatures rise, certain areas become breeding grounds for bacteria and germs. To keep your facility clean and germ-free, beat the heat by paying special attention to odour control. Odour can hinder your business because of the negative impression it creates. The most important facilities are those that are meant for human activity such as […]

Effective Cleaning Program for Foodservice Establishments

You never get a second chance to make a great first impression. Customer perceptions of your foodservice establishment are formed before their food arrives. Making sure your environments are clean can help lead to a great experience for every customer. Customers are less likely to return to a food establishment after having a negative experience […]

Go Green! Use Ecofont!

Cultural awareness of the environmental impact humans have has become extremely prevalent in our society with new programs and innovative undertakings constantly changing our lives to help the world become greener. Ironically, in the ‘digital age’ we still consume enormous amounts of mashed up, bleached tree pulp, most of which gets used once or twice […]

Effective Carpet Care Program

According to the Canadian Lung Association, carpets act as a «sink» for chemical and biologic irritants. Carpets collect airborne pollutants and substances that may be tracked in from the outdoors. Carpets need to be kept clean to maintain good indoor air quality. Indoor air quality, due to its important health ramifications is a crucial component […]

Effective cleaner for ovens, grills, and fryers

While front of house cleanliness is important to maintain a positive impression and reputation among customers, back of house cleanliness is equally as important. Proper cleaners for back of house helps prevent the breakout and spread of foodborne illnesses. A clean kitchen will also contribute to the best tasting food to contribute to an overall […]

How To Get Rid of Fruit Flies – 5 Tips for Restaurants

Warm weather and longer days is the perfect formula for restaurants, especially those that offer patio dining. However, it’s not all sunshine and roses when the fruit flies invade. This time of year is the most common time for fruit flies to make their move in our favourite restaurants. THE PROBLEM Not only do fruit […]

Canada’s Environment Week

Canada’s Environment week is taking place from June 1st to 7th with the theme “Strengthening our Environment Today for Tomorrow”. It is composed of individual days dedicated to call others to action on certain areas of the environment. These specific days include Clean Air Day and World Oceans Day. The goal is for grass roots […]

Urine Odour Elimination and Stains

Odours and stains that result from urine can quickly deter potential customers from staying or coming back to visit your business or facility. Therefore, it is extremely important to be diligent when it comes to the cleaning and removal of the evidence leftover by urine. In a poll conducted by CleanLink in 2014, “94 percent […]

Effective Odour Control

Odours can make or break a customer’s experience. It is an undeniable sensory experience that can either encourage their return or ensure they will avoid your facility at all costs. When one aspect has such a drastic effect on a customers’ impression of your business, how could it not be an integral component of your […]

Mobile Food Trucks

As the sun comes out and the snow finally melts away, food trucks roll onto the streets. While this is an amazing opportunity to increase sales or to jump start your culinary dreams, operating a food truck requires serious health and safety considerations that can make or break your business. It is important to keep […]

What is Earth Day?

April 22nd marks the 45th annual Earth Day the first of which significantly changed the way global citizens related to the environment. The first Earth Day was followed by environmental laws including Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act and many more. The Earth Day Network strive to “inform and energize populations so they will act […]

Floor Care Results – Guaranteed

Cleaning is an important aspect for all facilities and businesses. It can create a lasting positive impression for everyone who enters your facility, promising their return visit and maintaining your reputation. One vital aspect is floor cleaning. Floor cleaning needs to be addressed according to your facility and business’ needs. Choosing the right floor care […]

Floor Care Troubleshooting Tips and Tricks

With so much emphasis on the importance of first impressions and the value of maintaining clean floors, imperfections can seem like a significant set back from meeting your appearance goals and standards. Common problems include poor after gloss and loss of gloss, black heel marks and scuffs, discoloured floor finish, and streaks in the floor […]

The Importance of Sustainability

The Importance of Sustainability Sustainability might manifest itself in several different ways within your business and facility. Ultimately sustainability entails constant adherence to commitments to endured practices. Green cleaning is a fundamental component of a sustainable business model that will positively impact your facility and everyone within it whether it be for property managers, building […]

The Importance of Clean

Maintaining a Clean Environment is Vital There’s a reason why every generation is subjected to the same dreaded “clean your room” maternal slogan: cleanliness matters! In fact, maintaining a clean environment is vital to ensuring full productivity, health, safety, sustainability, reputation, and overall success in all aspects of our lives. Pre-assessment A great place to […]


Winter is here! With slush-covered boots, salt, snow, calcium and dirt are quickly invading our facilities! An ice storm brings in the New Year and, the better part of 2015, for most of us, has been spent by avoiding ice-rink sidewalks on our slippery commutes. With so much focus on not tripping over on our […]


H3N2 is the flu strain of the year, meeting its predicted expectations of causing infection rates to rise. In fact, by the end of 2014, 166 outbreaks were reported in 8 provinces, 122 of which were in long term care facilities. This has caused overcrowding for some emergency rooms. With numbers still on the rise, […]