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Here’s a “Meal Deal” for the Food and Hospitality Industries

Many quick-serve, fast-food restaurants serve food in bundles.  Typically, they call it a “meal deal” or a “value deal,” because it might include, for instance, a hamburger, fries, and pop all at a lower price than if these were purchased individually. In marketing, this is referred to as product bundling.  And it’s been so successful […]

Shining the Light on Canada’s Fast Food Industry

Shining the Light on Canada’s Fast Food Industry According to a 2018 report from IBISWorld, which evaluates a wide-range of industries to determine how they are currently doing and their future, the Canadian Fast Food (aka. Quick Service) industry has a bright future ahead of it.  But the report adds that this is very dependent […]

Five Tips For Keeping Commercial Kitchen Floors Clean

As warmer weather returns in many parts of North America, one thing that restaurants, school cafeterias, and all commercial kitchens must be aware of is the return of insects. Many insects hide during the cold winter months, but warmer weather brings them out in force. “One of the big concerns with ‘creepy crawly’ pests in […]

Keeping Restaurants Clean and Healthy

Keeping Restaurants Clean and Healthy Using Sustainable Products Food safety is a restaurant owner’s first priority as it enables the business to function according to the Restaurant Food and Safety Inspection Standards and preserves the health and safety of customers. However, food safety and a clean, healthy environment is not solely beneficial for the customer. […]

Effective Cleaning Program for Foodservice Establishments

You never get a second chance to make a great first impression. Customer perceptions of your foodservice establishment are formed before their food arrives. Making sure your environments are clean can help lead to a great experience for every customer. Customers are less likely to return to a food establishment after having a negative experience […]

Effective cleaner for ovens, grills, and fryers

While front of house cleanliness is important to maintain a positive impression and reputation among customers, back of house cleanliness is equally as important. Proper cleaners for back of house helps prevent the breakout and spread of foodborne illnesses. A clean kitchen will also contribute to the best tasting food to contribute to an overall […]

How To Get Rid of Fruit Flies – 5 Tips for Restaurants

Warm weather and longer days is the perfect formula for restaurants, especially those that offer patio dining. However, it’s not all sunshine and roses when the fruit flies invade. This time of year is the most common time for fruit flies to make their move in our favourite restaurants. THE PROBLEM Not only do fruit […]