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Norovirus Prevention – Be Prepared!

Commonly referred to as norovirus or viral gastroenteritis, Norwalk is an infectious virus that is transferred through infected people, contaminated food or water, or by coming in contact with contaminated surfaces, the more knowledge that one has regarding norovirus, the more likely they are to take the proper steps to protect themselves and others from […]

Go Green! Use Ecofont!

Cultural awareness of the environmental impact humans have has become extremely prevalent in our society with new programs and innovative undertakings constantly changing our lives to help the world become greener. Ironically, in the ‘digital age’ we still consume enormous amounts of mashed up, bleached tree pulp, most of which gets used once or twice […]

Mobile Food Trucks

As the sun comes out and the snow finally melts away, food trucks roll onto the streets. While this is an amazing opportunity to increase sales or to jump start your culinary dreams, operating a food truck requires serious health and safety considerations that can make or break your business. It is important to keep […]

What is Earth Day?

April 22nd marks the 45th annual Earth Day the first of which significantly changed the way global citizens related to the environment. The first Earth Day was followed by environmental laws including Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act and many more. The Earth Day Network strive to “inform and energize populations so they will act […]