The Power of Cleaning Can Help Protect Us from the Flu

The Power of Cleaning Can Help Protect Us from the Flu

The flu season is fast approaching.  We likely won’t know for a couple of months how bad it will be this season, but none the less, it’s a good idea to start taking some cleaning steps now to keep people healthy.

Yes, proper and effective cleaning is one of the best ways to keep facilities healthy and minimize the spread of not only the flu, but colds and other infections as well.

According to ISSA, the worldwide cleaning association, some of the cleaning steps to take are the following:

Keep cleaning. Do not underestimate the power of cleaning. Proper cleaning removes soils and contaminants from surfaces, many of which harbor pathogens that can cause disease. Routine cleaning can remove these, protecting human health.

Disinfect using the two-step method.  Some surfaces such as high touch areas, countertops, shared desks, shared electronics, faucet handles, may need to be disinfected.  Remember, disinfecting always involves two steps.  First, clean the surface using an all-purpose cleaner and then disinfect, following the manufacturer’s application instructions.

Mix it right. All facilities should have auto-dilution systems.  This prevents waste, but, most importantly, ensures cleaning solutions are correctly mixed so that they can work more efficiently. And never combine two or more different types of cleaning solutions together. Most cleaning solutions are designed to be mixed with one thing… water.

The six-foot rule. When people who have the flu or a cold cough, they can release airborne pathogens that can travel as much as six feet.  So when cleaning and disinfecting, keep in mind that all areas around, for instance, faucet handles, up to six-feet may also have pathogens present.

Protect yourself. Cleaning workers must protect themselves when flu season arrives.  In fact, they must protect their health at all times. Wear gloves.  And if there is the possibility that water, for instance from a toilet, urinal, or water fountain can get in your eye, wear goggles. Many diseases are transmitted when a contaminated droplet finds its way into our eyes.

Avoid touching. By some estimates, we touch our faces nearly four times per hour.  If we touch our faces with contaminated hands or gloves, there is a good chance pathogens will work their way into our eyes or mouths. The only practical way to help prevent this is to stay aware of this fact.

Removing gloves. A key component of protecting yourself is to properly remove gloves.  Remember, the gloves are likely contaminated after working. Pull from the top lip of each glove to remove them. Never touch the actual surface of the glove. Then follow-up with effective handwashing. (link here to handwashing blogs on the site)


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