Floor Care Results – Guaranteed

Cleaning is an important aspect for all facilities and businesses. It can create a lasting positive impression for everyone who enters your facility, promising their return visit and maintaining your reputation. One vital aspect is floor cleaning. Floor cleaning needs to be addressed according to your facility and business’ needs. Choosing the right floor care program is therefore an integral component for the successful upkeep of your building and brand image. The ideal floor care program is chosen according to several considerations, one of the most important being your cleanliness, safety and appearance standards and goals. The most effective way of gauging this is through testing results both before and after the implementation of a new floor care program.


PH Test Strips

In order to ensure desired floor care results, pH levels should be measured prior to floor finish application. Depending on the floor’s pH level, you can make the right decision between a neutralizer and neutral cleaner. Using pH strips facilitates this process so you can easily and quickly make the right cleaning chemical choice for the conditions of your facility. As usual, thoroughly reading manufacturer label instructions and verifying floor manufacturer’s suggestions is a great way to verify that your cleaning program is optimized to suit your floor and business needs.



Gloss Meter

It can often be difficult to evaluate floors’ gloss level by eye. Gloss meters are therefore designed to measure the gloss on a variety of surfaces including coated surfaces, rubber, ceramics, etc. Digital gloss meters are efficient as they have the capacity to measure gloss and display the result in one second. The number that displays the gloss level can then be stored in the meters memory. This tool’s high precision measurements provides the ability to gather data as well as view and calculate averages at the press of a button. Using this tool is an objective and uniform way of verifying that the product is attaining performance and quality standards each and every time. Knowing an accurate reading of product performance increases its reliability and can be used for quality control purposes.



Humidity Meter

Using a humidity meter will measure the humidity level in the room before floor finish application. Each surface treatment could require a specific range of humidity that is acceptable for the product to work effectively. Usually, however, the relative humidity level should be below 80% and floor that is under the plastic should be free of dampness discoloration, or odours indicating moisture.





The use of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) monitoring systems is an effective way of testing for microbiological contamination in your facility. It accurately measures microbial residue on surfaces as well as airborne particles that must be addressed and eliminated through a more specialised cleaning program in order to ensure the highest standards of health is achieved through a healthy indoor environment. ATP testing is very effective as a before and after strategy as a way to ensure that the proper environmental cleaning solutions are being optimized and that goals and objectives are being adequately addressed. It can determine whether floors must be re-cleaned or the required changes that need to be made in order to optimize your floor care program.


Using tools to measure floor care results will not only ensure high performance levels and that you attain your desired results but it will also facilitate sanitation training and verify the efficacy of your sanitation program. Measuring adds to the credibility of your establishment and that your health, safety, environment and appearance standard are being met to ensure brand protection and a positive indoor environment that will allow your business to thrive.




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