With warmer weather looming in our calendars we have to prepare to welcome slush! It’s the time of year that custodians may not look forward to, where muddy snow from people’s boots gets tracked in from the outside and leave their traces on clean facility floors.

Not only is it important to maintain the look of clean floors in order to maintain high appearance standards to provide a positive impression of your facilities but tracking allergens from the outdoors can cause contamination within your buildings, putting the health of those within at risk. It is therefore a necessity that a proper and sustainable floor care program is consistently followed to ensure maximum efficiency in your facility.

Floor maintenance, though vital for all market segments, might vary in its frequency. Floor care programs are tailored for low, periodic and high-maintenance to best suit your business’ needs, standards for health, safety, and appearance as well as budget.

Low Maintenance

A low maintenance floor care program is intended for low to medium traffic areas when appearance levels are less of a priority while ensuring durability. Maintenance costs are low and the floors need only to be maintained less than 2 times per week and require either low speed burnishing or none at all. Implementing low-maintenance programs for markets such as schools, senior living facilities, commercial properties or municipal buildings will contribute to protecting and extending your business’ maintenance investments, making it a cost effective option.

Periodic Maintenance

For medium traffic areas, periodic floor maintenance will ensure durability at medium maintenance costs that will protect the building’s investment. Floors in markets such as office buildings, shopping malls, retail stores, health care or colleges and universities need to be maintained 2 to 3 times per week with burnishing of 1200 to 2500RPM in order to achieve medium to high appearance levels. Using high performing green offerings paired with technical expertise and training will contribute to the building’s healthy indoor environment.

High Maintenance

Some markets such as grocery stores, large retail or convention centres require a high appearance level where floors must be maintained 5 to 7 times per week. High maintenance floor care programs are essential for high traffic areas and an elevated maintenance cost further ensures investment protection and floor durability. High maintenance floor care programs require burnishing of UHS -2000 + RMP and are resistant to soil, water, and detergent. Cleaning training and expertise will ensure that high appearance standards are upheld so your facility’s cleanliness will present your customers with a positive impression that will encourage them to return.

Making the right decision for your business is essential when choosing the right maintenance program. An optimal floor care program utilizes three components: chemical, equipment and technical. Consulting a team of professionals will help ensure the most cost effective program can be implemented to preserve the appearance level of your facility while contributing to a healthy indoor environments with significantly reduced pollutants being tracked in from outside. With floors this well maintained, we can welcome boots rather than cringe as they squeak across our protected floors!


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