Effective cleaner for ovens, grills, and fryers

While front of house cleanliness is important to maintain a positive impression and reputation among customers, back of house cleanliness is equally as important. Proper cleaners for back of house helps prevent the breakout and spread of foodborne illnesses. A clean kitchen will also contribute to the best tasting food to contribute to an overall pleasant dining experience. Areas to watch out for in particular include ovens, grills, and fryers.


The exterior of the toaster must first be wiped and the crumb tray should be wiped regularly. The interior of the oven should be wiped using a warm dishwashing solution after cooking greasy foods. Using a synthetic scouring pad might also help for removal of stubborn soil from the tray and racks. For plastic components, warm detergent solution is most effective.


Commercial fryers require daily cleaning to ensure it works at full potential. The fryer walls need to be scraped using either a metal spatula or damp cloth to loosen deposits. The fryer should be filled and soaked with water and cleaning solution while using a dishrag to scrub the interior.

The frying baskets should be washed separately in hot water and only returned to the fryer once completely dry.


The oven interior should be cleaned daily while it should undergo monthly deep cleaning and weekly cleaning of the exterior. The owners’ manual should be consulted to ensure that the finish and metal will not corrode with the use of abrasive materials. Cleaning the interior will prevent from having to scrub at food that has been caked on and ensure optimal use of commercial ovens.


Cleaning a commercial grill should be done after emptying the grease catcher into a grease disposal container. Some grills require a grill brush or grill brick in order to be cleaned while others cannot be cleaned using abrasive materials. Make sure to read the manufacturers guide prior to cleaning to ensure longevity of your commercial grill.

Kitchen Hoods

Cleaning kitchen hood filters weekly, or even daily, will help restaurants manage their exhaust system. Neglecting to do so could result in a buildup of grease which is a serious fire hazard. Make sure a cleaning professionals are certified by the government to provide cleaning services and to verify certificate and insurance licenses.

Baked-on Carbon

Remove baked on carbon, grease and fat by using a solution that will cut down on cleaning time and cost. Finding a solution that clings to vertical surfaces will be especially effective and will optimize cleaning results. Deposits of baked on carbon have the capacity to become carcinogenic and harmful to your customers’ health.

Proper Training

Misuse of a kitchen appliance is likely to cause damage that could otherwise be avoided through properly training employees.

Maintaining a Clean Cooking Environment

Daily cleaning can save time and money. Maintaining a clean environment is important to reduce grime, dirt, and food scrap buildup. Neglecting to follow a routine cleaning schedule can result in damage to kitchen appliances due to buildup.



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