Here’s a “Meal Deal” for the Food and Hospitality Industries

Many quick-serve, fast-food restaurants serve food in bundles.  Typically, they call it a “meal deal” or a “value deal,” because it might include, for instance, a hamburger, fries, and pop all at a lower price than if these were purchased individually.

In marketing, this is referred to as product bundling.  And it’s been so successful that all types of companies in a variety of different industries are now bundling their products and services. In addition to quick-serve locations, this includes financial services, telecommunication services, internet and cable providers; even healthcare products are often delivered bundled.

There are many reasons why companies like to market their products in bundles. For instance:

  • Often companies report their sales increase when they bundle products together instead of marketing them individually
  • Advertising and marketing costs can be reduced when marketing a bundle of products instead of marketing each one separately
  • Some manufacturers bundle fast selling products with those that are not selling that well, helping to reduce inventory
  • Product bundling can help streamline both production and inventory management
  • Packaging and delivering a bundle of products is often less costly for the manufacturer than packaging and delivering the same products individually

However, there are many reasons why product bundling can help consumers and end-customers as well.  This is one of the reasons why Avmor has introduced its Let’s Clean® Box.  This is an all-in-one solution made up of some of the most frequently needed and frequently used products in the food service and hospitality industries.

Among these benefits for the end-customer are the following:

There is often a synergy among the bundled products.  They are all made for a similar purpose for use in a similar setting.

  • End-customers usually get more value for their money by selecting products in bundles. Often many of the cost savings mentioned above can be passed on to the end-customer.
  • Related to this, it can be easier for the manufacturer or distributor to offer discounts when end-customers purchase a large number of bundled products all in one box; another cost savings.
  • Bundled products typically meet the same criteria, standards, and regulations required in the food and hospitality industries. For instance, all of the products in Avmor’s Let’s Clean Box comply with Health Canada regulations and have LONO (Letters of Non-Objection for Food Establishments)
  • Purchasing department are often more willing to purchase products if it is part of bundle than if the products need be purchased individually; they realize there is likely to be a cost savings when products are bundled.
  • Instead of taking the time to select products individually, the end-customer can select one box containing all the products they will typically need for specific cleaning situations.

In all, it’s a win-win for both the manufacturer and the end-customer. Marketing products in bundles also helps build customer loyalty.  This is a win for the manufacturer and a win for the end-customer as well.  Now the end-customer knows they can turn to one manufacturer for all their product needs… because they’re all in the same box.


For more information on Avmor’s Let’s Clean Box, contact Avmor at 450 629-8074 or email Avmor Client Services at

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