How To Get Rid of Fruit Flies – 5 Tips for Restaurants

Warm weather and longer days is the perfect formula for restaurants, especially those that offer patio dining. However, it’s not all sunshine and roses when the fruit flies invade. This time of year is the most common time for fruit flies to make their move in our favourite restaurants.


Not only do fruit flies compromise the appearance of your restaurant cleanliness, but they could be extremely dangerous. Greg Baumann, chemist and pest management professional, states in his article, How to Make your Restaurant a No Fly Zone, that “flies can transmit pathogenic microorganisms that cause E. coli, salmonella, and shingles”. These diseases could all lead to food poisoning or even respiratory diseases. It’s crucial that restaurants take preventative and reactive measures to fruit flies as the pest has so much influence in deterring customers and tarnishing your reputation.

Fruit flies, as their name suggests, are most common in areas where there are sugary organic matter, such as fruit, they also have a tendency of breeding in decaying meat, trash bins, unclean drains, and large spills of soda or alcohol.


Using a microbial based product can help clean out areas like drains that are attractive for fruit fly reproduction. Sanitizing all surfaces and deep cleaning should be done regularly to ensure no lingering odour or food remains.

It’s important to eliminate any soft or over-ripe fruits and vegetables as well as regularly cleaning out and changing the trash area. Keeping dock and dumpster areas clean is equally important. Using a treatment that reduces microorganisms by attacking malodours and digesting organic matter is a particularly effective method that optimizes the solutions cleaning properties.

Ensuring proper back of house and front of house sanitation and disinfection will continue to contribute to minimizing contamination and offer the added benefit of preventing the infestation of harmful fruit flies.

Who would think that cleaning could be a source for causing fruit flies to breed? When materials are damp, wet, and used, they become ideal areas for fruit fly habitation. It therefore important to dispose of replace wet, used mops or rags to reduce the chance of attracting fruit flies to your facility. Same applies for used classes and dishes especially when they have been used for sweet, sticky foods or liquids such as juices. Being diligent with back of house cleaning and maintenance procedures can have a significant impact on remain free of fruit fly problems.

For canned items, jar lids should be sealed completely and potato and onion storage areas should also be maintained and thoroughly cleaned so as to prevent a build-up of overripe produce in a food preparation area. If canned foods are used throughout the day, they should always be sealed and stored properly.

An effective sanitation program will ensure that you eliminate those pesky fruit flies in your establishment.


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