Keeping Restaurants Clean and Healthy

Keeping Restaurants Clean and Healthy Using Sustainable Products

Food safety is a restaurant owner’s first priority as it enables the business to function according to the Restaurant Food and Safety Inspection Standards and preserves the health and safety of customers. However, food safety and a clean, healthy environment is not solely beneficial for the customer. Improving the indoor environment by using environmentally preferable solutions, or green chemicals, has benefits for the restaurant itself. Becoming familiar with how switching to green chemicals can help your business, makes environmental solutions a no brainer for use in the food service industry.


Conventional products often contain harsh chemicals that cause negative side effects. Not only does this raise concern for employees well-being who are responsible for routine maintenance but it also releases harsh, toxic chemicals in the indoor environment. Nowadays, both customers and employees are aware of the health impact of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), inspections are a way to add pride to your establishment and demonstrate to customers your commitment to health and safety. Using green chemicals therefore leads to fewer environmental concerns during inspection. Green chemicals can get the job done just as well, if not better, than conventional cleaning products without the risk and harshness of conventional cleaning products.


Time is of the essence for the food service industry when business is dictated by slow and busy traffic periods. Training is the basis for high quality customer service that creates a lasting positive impression and promotes repeat customers. Green chemicals present an advantage during the training process as the cleaning products are easy to use. This facilitates training in an industry that has a high turnover. Training is not compromised but rather rendered easier with the use of green chemicals so you can continue to provide excellent service in a healthier environment.

Cost Savings

As a business owner, the restaurant’s owner primary concern lies in making the most revenue and surpassing expectations of success. Using green chemicals for both front and back of house cleaning needs actually favours SKU reduction and low end use cost per liter. As always, a clean restaurant also ensures repeat visits and a positive reputation among customers and the community in general. Using green chemicals maximizes your facility’s cleanliness while also providing you with a financial incentive. Keep up the cleanliness while bringing down expenses.

After considering key foodservice factors such as inspection, training, and expenses, the use of green chemicals in restaurants seems like a much easier and healthier way to keep the environment as clean and healthy as possible. RTU (read to use) green solutions are easy, efficient, and effective and go a long way in keeping your customers and staff as happy as your wallet.


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