Shining the Light on Canada’s Fast Food Industry

Shining the Light on Canada’s Fast Food Industry

According to a 2018 report from IBISWorld, which evaluates a wide-range of industries to determine how they are currently doing and their future, the Canadian Fast Food (aka. Quick Service) industry has a bright future ahead of it.  But the report adds that this is very dependent on several issues, including the following:

  • Providing customers with healthier food options
  • Bringing business expertise to food service operations
  • Having a clear market position
  • Effective and ongoing cost controls.

But, even with these items in place, it can still be tough to make it in the Canadian fast food industry.  It is because of this that Avmor has prepared a White Paper (LINK HERE) for those currently in the industry or soon to jump in.  The Avmor White Paper discusses many issues – including staffing, proper training, product storage, supply management, and more – all of which, restaurant owners and managers need to know, in order to succeed and profit in the fast food industry.

However, before going into this, let’s take a closer look at what the IBIS report has to say:

  • Since 2013, the fast food industry in Canada has expanded by about 4.1 percent each year; this means it is about 20 percent larger today than five years ago
  • One reason for this growth is the strong economy in Canada, along with higher consumer spending
  • Product innovations that help owners/managers prepare food faster has also helped reduce costs and improve profits
  • More fast food restaurants are marketing a wider variety of coffees, providing smoothies, as well as salads. These food items tend to have higher profit margins.
  • There are now about 20,000 fast food outlets in Canada, and they employ almost 427,000 people.

The Threats

However, the IBIS report also notes there are, what they call “threats,” to the industry as a whole as well as to the individual owners and managers of fast food outlets. For instance, it says:

“The industry is heavily dependent on direct labor input across all areas of operation, including taking orders, delivery, food preparation, cleaning and operational management. [Further,] due to the service-based nature of this industry’s services, many of these labor-intensive functions cannot easily be substituted by technology or machinery. To meet customers’ expectations and provide a quality and hospitable dining experience, a well-trained staff is required.”

This is where Avmor may be able to help fast-food operations.  Along with our instructional White Paper, which addresses many of these challenges and potential threats to the industry, we are also working to make it easier for fast food outlets as well as all the entire hospitality industry, keep their properties clean, healthy, safe, and in compliance with Health Canada.

Our new Lets Clean®, All-In-1 solution program is designed to help fast-food operators know precisely what products they need to clean their properties; how to use these products; and where to use them effectively and cost-effectively.  With this program in place, we are working to ensure the continued success of this vital business segment the Canadian economy.

For more information on Lets Clean and our All-in-1 solution program, contact an Avmor representative at 1-800-387-8074 or click here to view our flyer!

Sidebar: What is the Fast Food Restaurants Industry?

According to IBIS,  this industry is made up of restaurants where patrons pay for quick-service food products before eating. Purchases may be consumed on-site, taken out, or delivered. Restaurants with waiters and servers are not considered fast food.


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