Canada’s Environment Week

Canada’s Environment week is taking place from June 1st to 7th with the theme “Strengthening our Environment Today for Tomorrow”. It is composed of individual days dedicated to call others to action on certain areas of the environment. These specific days include Clean Air Day and World Oceans Day. The goal is for grass roots organizations to run activities that inform the public in order to preserve, protect, and restore our environment.

In the spirit of creating a better tomorrow, it’s a perfect time to consider the business decisions you make that contribute to an overall healthier environment. Recent studies have shown that the air inside a building can be 2 to 10 times more polluted than outdoor air and since, according to health Canada, Canadians spend up to 90% of their time indoors, making indoor air quality a priority for maintaining a healthy indoor environment.

Using environmentally preferable solutions over conventional products will meet your cleanliness standards while contributing to an overall healthier environment without the risk of harsh chemicals. These solutions are engineered to utilize nature’s own processes in order to recycle waste into simple and essential substances. This means that the environment does not have to come at the expense of your cleaning procedures both within and outside the facility walls. Additionally, solutions that are beneficial for the environment use highly specialized enzyme producing microbials to clean and control odours by eliminating soils that traditional chemicals alone cannot treat. They also work to displace unknown and potentially disease causing bacteria with known, healthy microbials which contributes to healthier occupants, workers, and employees.

As Canada’s Environment Week demonstrates, being environmentally conscious is a long term commitment that we can implement today to create a healthier future. In doing so, buildings can also be recognized with environmental certification. When implementing a number of sustainable initiatives, your building might be eligible for Qualification for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Certification (LEED). Such certification is beneficial for the reputation of your business and the satisfaction of your hardworking team. Being environmentally conscious and taking the steps towards sustainability is not merely a moral obligation but a responsibility we have to add sustainability to the legacy we leave for the next generations.


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