The Importance of Clean

Maintaining a Clean Environment is Vital

There’s a reason why every generation is subjected to the same dreaded “clean your room” maternal slogan: cleanliness matters! In fact, maintaining a clean environment is vital to ensuring full productivity, health, safety, sustainability, reputation, and overall success in all aspects of our lives.


A great place to start when evaluating your buildings cleanliness is to take proactive strategies and use methods that provide an accurate evaluation of the level of cleanliness in your facility. Using ATP meters or fluorescent marking gels can provide evidence of germs, dirt and bacteria that are not visible to the eye. Assessing the current state of your building empowers you to improve or create the most sanitation program, tailored to your business’s needs. Sustainable choices are at the core of committing to ensuring cleanliness in your building.


In order to create a positive, clean and healthy environment to enable employees to work efficiently, they need to feel as though their environment, and consequently, their health and safety are being considered. Prioritizing cleanliness within your building sends a positive message to employees that make them feel valued and taken care of. Employees who are happy with their company are therefore more likely to consistently produce high quality work. Furthermore, achieving cleanliness standards reduces the chance of workplace accidents. Cleaning for safety can save your business 3,500 in direct Workplace Safety and Insurance Board and $21,000 indirect cost for Slips, Trips and Falls (STF) alone.


Caring for your employees’ health and safety also translates as making smart decisions for your business. When employees are frequently sick and unable to attend work, they contribute to absenteeism which, in 2012 was estimated to result in $16.6 billion dollars of direct business costs. On the other hand, presenteeism, which occurs when employees are physically at work but mentally unable to perform at full capacity, is equally as damaging, costing your business $15 to $25 billion dollars per year. Committing to providing a clean and healthy indoor environment is a vital decision to ensure your employees are providing you with the high performance your business requires for success.



Making sure your building is operating to its full potential is dependent on several factors. Some of these essential factors are often overlooked and can be easily mediated by ensuring cleanliness throughout the building. When visitors enter your building whether they are customers, buyers, or competing business, they will immediately be struck by the state of your building. A clean building promotes brand protection. A proper sanitation program also increases the lifespan of your building and will therefore positively impact your bottom line.


Green cleaning

Green cleaning products can assist you in differentiating your business from others. Furthermore, it will help you achieve your goals of productivity, employee well-being and, consequentially, lower your bottom line. Most people spend an average of 90% of their time indoors. While traditional products may be effective, they have the potential to cause skin and eye irritation as well as harbour harmful chemicals that could lead to conditions as serious as asthma or cancer. A green cleaning program will inspire your employees to follow their employers’ examples and make green decisions that contribute to cleanliness rather than adding to pollutants.


Making smart decisions for your business means considering the health and safety of your employees, protecting your bottom line by ensuring high levels of productivity are maintained, and creating a positive atmosphere for everyone who enters your building. The importance of cleanliness is an extensive list but consider how one solution can address a variety of your business’ needs and ensure its longevity and success!



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