The Importance of Sustainability

The Importance of Sustainability

Sustainability might manifest itself in several different ways within your business and facility. Ultimately sustainability entails constant adherence to commitments to endured practices. Green cleaning is a fundamental component of a sustainable business model that will positively impact your facility and everyone within it whether it be for property managers, building service contractors, senior living facilities, educational facilities or food service establishments.


Green cleaning refers to using cleaning procedures and products with environmentally friendly ingredients designed to preserve human health and environmental quality.


As an alternative to traditional cleaning solutions which may have negative side effects on health and adverse effects on indoor air quality; green cleaning solutions possess several benefits. Using green cleaning solutions allows you the ability of conserving natural resources to contribute to improved health and well-being of the overall community as well as the occupants and employees of your facility. Efficient cleaning programs can generate decreased water use and electricity thereby reducing costs, while improving profits and optimizing the life cycle performance. Ensuring improvement of indoor air quality, as well as setting a positive example for employees will equally enhance revenue and worker productivity and will improve morale, which contributes to a healthy and pleasant environment.


Independent, third party certification attests to green products’ reliability through regulations that encourage use of environmentally preferable cleaning products. As consumers’ awareness and interest of environmental business practices increases, as does the value of recognition through certification.

Running a facility that complies with Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) requires that your building satisfies prerequisites and earns points. Recognized in 150 countries, the Canada Green Building Council has certified over 1800 LEED buildings in Canada since 2004. LEED is based on the idea that sustainability should be the foundation of all buildings.

ISO standards provide your business with an environmental management framework that can be applied to a variety of facility types. Types of ISO certification include ISO 14000 as a tool for organizations to identify and control the environmental impact while ISO 14001:2004 focuses on environmental management systems, reduced waste management costs, energy savings, material consumption, lower distribution costs and improved public image.

Choosing products that are UL Ecologo, Greel Seal or US EPA Design for the Environment certified ensures that products have undergone rigorous scientific testing to demonstrate its superiority in performance while adhering to environmental standards. Conducting research on the right products for your cleaning needs is essential for creating a sustainable cleaning program for your facility to maximize your business’ productivity.

Going green and incorporating sustainability as an important component of your business and building infrastructure has endless benefits. Consumers’ demand for responsible business and companies continue to make sustainability an unavoidable factor of success. Using green cleaning products will give you the clean slate that you need to make sure your goals will have a benefit to both indoor and outdoor environments.


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