By manufacturing innovative cleaning solutions using environmentally preferable solutions, extensive testing, third party certification, and less harsh chemicals, Avmor ensures that we supply you and your establishment with exceptionally clean results.

Quality testing throughout the manufacturing process ensures that Avmor’s cleaning solutions adhere to strict standards, while reducing SKUs (Stock Keeping Units) and creating a healthier environment with safer solutions. From Educational Facilities, Senior Living, Foodservice, Building Service Contractors and Property Managers, Avmor ensures that our products cater to your facility’s specific needs and standards, while providing training and safety recommendations, as well as free onsite reviews. Avmor will also measure the cleanliness of your facility to ensure that you achieve your performance expectations and sustainability objectives.

Contributing to worker wellness, productivity and a healthier environment, Avmor’s UL Ecologo certified cleaning solutions and effective floor care programs are created with your standards in mind.

By implementing a sustainable cleaning maintenance program, you can provide your buildings with a positive aesthetic and ensures optimal performance by mitigating the harmful effects of traditional, less environmentally preferable cleaning solutions. Using UL EcoLogo certified products and/or GREENGUARD Gold certified products in the buildings; you will simultaneously contribute to worker wellness, increased productivity, improved indoor air quality and environmental sustainability! Avmor’s line of Floor Care solutions are engineered with your standards and needs in mind. Whether requiring low, periodic or high maintenance, we make sure your floors exceed your expectations while respecting your budget.

Benefits of using the Avmor Program and Green Cleaning Solutions include:

  • Reducing eye and skin irritation, decreased health and environmental risks (by choosing products free of  VOCs), reducing phosphate pollution, and improving indoor air quality by choosing environmentally preferable cleaning solutions
  • More positive work environment and living space for employees and tenants of your building
  • Adding to the integrity of your building or workplace by making environmentally and socially responsible choices
  • Improving your bottom line by choosing Avmor products that are priced competitively
  • Increasing the lifespan of your facility

Avmor understands that your priorities are providing a healthy and safe environment for students during their developing years so they can take full advantage of their education. Avmor’s solutions provide students, staff and custodians with a healthier indoor environment, free of environmental pollutants and irritants. With over 55 UL Ecologo certifications and now 10 GREENGUARD Gold certified products; the only certification that  tests products for low-emitting of chemical emissions and VOCs when they are used, students and teachers have less health concerns. They can dedicate their energy to efficient and effective learning and teaching, providing and contributing to a stronger community.

Avmor’s commitment to providing training programs and sustainable solutions for educational facilities derives from Avmor’s dedication to improving health and community through innovative initiatives which include: hosting green cleaning for health forums, publishing white papers (available on our website), and providing training by CIMS (Cleaning Industry Management Standard) certified experts. A crucial component of education for Avmor includes promoting a global awareness of the social impact of sustainable practices. We understand that as a facility where students spend the majority of their time, health and safety is of optimal importance to you! Avmor can help assess your cleaning needs and your school’s ability to meet requirements by measuring cleanliness as well as providing expertise and knowledge through on-site training.

Benefits of the Avmor Cleaning Program include:

  • Improving indoor air quality
  • Improving absenteeism and presenteeism
  • Ensuring higher performance from sustainable cleaning solutions that are safer for custodians, teachers, and students
  • Improving the lifespan of your facility
  • Offering competitive prices to comply with your school’s budget
  • Reducing respiratory related symptoms that can result in asthma

From a business standpoint, focusing on cleanliness is integral to the success of your restaurant. Recent studies show that customers’ impressions of a restaurant’s sanitation standards strongly impact the developing reputation and therefore influence the success and popularity of the restaurant.

Choosing Avmor’s Sanitation Program for your Foodservice establishment ensures an advantage in the competitive restaurant business by providing a positive impression of your establishment from the moment your customers walk through the door. When customers aren’t preoccupied with the sanitation standards of a restaurant, they can devote their attention to appreciating the quality of service and food that your establishment offers.

 Benefits of the Avmor Program include:

  • Cost-effective, sustainable, innovative cleaning solutions;
  • Training and knowledge from Avmor’s CIMS trained professionals;
  • Quality Control and Assurance labs that ensure foodservice markets protect their restaurant’s brand;
  • Encourages repeat customer visits;
  • Easy to use program that is ideal for a high turnover industry

Avmor’s innovative cleaning solutions are designed for a variety of foodservice industries that extend beyond their applications for restaurants. Grocery stores’ strict and regulated budgets including managing a large staff requires an efficient and sustainable cleaning program. Maintaining a healthy, clean environment is not only essential for the success of a grocery store but also helps maintain customer loyalty for displaying a positive aesthetic. In a grocery store, the quality of food is often reflected through the quality of the facility. For this reason, your customers will have a more pleasant and enjoyable shopping experience that will help ensure customer loyalty in a highly competitive market. Furthermore, implementing a sustainable cleaning program will not only increase revenue but will also cut costs and improve your bottom line. Avmor’s cleaning program features UL Ecologo certified solutions and includes suggestions such as switching to a daytime cleaning program to contribute to significantly reduce cost and electricity use.

Avmor’s foodservice solutions ensure the highest performance standards so you can adhere to strict health standard to uphold the guaranteed quality of your product.

Cleaning and sanitizing procedures for food service:

Washroom Cleaning with GREEN STUFF:


Avmor delivers warewash and sustainable cleaning solutions that have been developed to thoroughly clean and sanitize in the Foodservice and Hospitality establishments while ensuring the well-being of employees, customers and the environment.

At Avmor, we are committed to a cleaner, safer, more sustainable environment.

• A one-stop resource for all your warewash, sustainable and traditional cleaning solutions
• A commitment to SERVICE and TRAINING…it’s all about complete peace of mind
• Coast to coast coverage, a complete network of warewash service on demand
• Sparkling results – premium quality warewash and cleaning products; state-of-the-art dishwashers and dispensing equipment
• Customized sanitation programs – Avmor will customize
your sanitation program based on the specific needs of your foodservice facility with multi-lingual options.
• Smooth and transparent conversion

Check out our Food Service Program and Wall Charts:

Providing high quality care in a healthy, germ-free, indoor environment is a priority in your long-term care and retirement facilities. The elderly are more vulnerable to poor indoor air quality due to their weaker immune system and they stay indoor more often than their younger counterpart, particularly due to their reduced mobility. Given that the population is aging, it is important to be concerned about the quality of life of seniors – starting with their environment!

Avmor’s services and products are engineered to attend to your facility’s specific needs through on-site building audits to determine your current cleaning process, available equipment, training tools, safety requirements, green compliance, SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) count, and problem areas. Avmor will address areas that require improvement and maintain the integrity of your facility by providing a safe, germ-free, healthy environment for residents, healthcare workers, families, custodians and staff, while complying with budget and stringent regulations.

Avmor will provide your facility with the proper training and support needed in order to maximize efficiency and safety. Support tools offered by Avmor include local, on-site training by CIMS (Cleaning Industry Management Standard) certified professionals; online videos; customized sanitation programs (including Room Program, Bathroom Program, Outbreak Program, and Specialty Program) to suit your facility’s specific needs; Wall Charts and ready to use WHMIS (Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System) compliant labels.

 Benefits of the Avmor Sanitation Program include:

  • Healthy properties
  • High appearance levels
  • Sustainable Cleaning Program that features over 50 UL EcoLogo approved products with guaranteed results
  • Reduced cleaning cost and SKU reduction
  • Outbreak Management
  • Training effectiveness and regulation compliance
  • Reduced exposure to toxic solvents and harmful gases