Keeping facilities clean during the heat wave

As temperatures rise, certain areas become breeding grounds for bacteria and germs. To keep your facility clean and germ-free, beat the heat by paying special attention to odour control. Odour can hinder your business because of the negative impression it creates. The most important facilities are those that are meant for human activity such as healthcare facilities, camp grounds, schools, community centers, day cares, recreational and sports facilities, and outdoor public recreational areas.

Odour Control

Odours might develop in surprising areas including walls and ceilings as well as in more conventional areas such as toilets, urinals, floors, drains, and grout. For bathrooms, locker rooms, or campgrounds, urinal pucks also serve as an excellent way to ensure odour from organic matter is completely eradicated.

It’s important to use an environmentally preferable solution that utilizes a natural microbial process that can deconstruct organic matter. This allows for total odour elimination, as opposed to masking odour, making it more sustainable for your time and money as well as for the environment. An odour eliminator should also be able to have long-lasting residual results to ensure for a healthy and clean room.

Loading dock and Dumpster areas are also problematic for odour production, especially in warm weather. Organic matter that rots in the heat attracts unwanted rodents and insects. Rather than conventional scrubbing, using a foamer can help quickly address odour problems at it instantly release micro-organisms to attack malodours and digest organic matter that builds up in dumpster areas, especially with rising temperatures.


Germs breed viruses such as norovirus and disinfection is at the heart of keeping your facility and those within it healthy. Using a ready to use general-purpose disinfectant contributes to a convenient and efficient cleaning schedule. It’s always important, no matter the season, to look for a disinfectant that targets and kills harmful bacteria and viruses that are common in food preparation establishments to completely eliminate cross-contamination.

People who spend time in groups such as in dorms, hospitality facilities, schools, or summer camps are more likely to contract a virus so remaining vigilant on routine disinfection of critical touch points can go a long way in limiting the spread of contagious diseases. During hot days, groups flock indoors for air-conditioned relief or to a public pool to cool down, making sure they don’t get sick in the process starts with proper disinfection.

Beat the heat with effective and environmentally preferable odour eliminators and ready to use disinfectants so you can get ahead of the game for an all-around-the-year clean and healthy facility.

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