Moving Day is Almost Here!

Anyone who has lived through a move knows that sometimes, the details we neglect to consider are the ones that throw us over the edge on what is one of the most stressful days of the year! July first, in Quebec, is known as Moving Day. Across the province, people, couples, families’ box-up and move out. When the U-Haul arrives and everything is seemingly good to go- walls painted and all, we might want to take a bit of time to consider who we want to begin our time in our new home. Beginning with a fresh start is not only extremely important for your health and wellbeing but will contribute to the longevity of your home. Cleaning as you begin your life in your new home or even a couple of days before the move in date can go a long way to set your up for a happy and healthy start! Time is of the essence, though, so making a checklist and prioritizing cleaning needs can drastically help focus your cleaning to ensure maximum efficiency.

Before you Move

Kill two birds with one stone and clean as you pack. Get rid of items lingering at the back of the closet, in drawers, and cupboards and declutter your environment. Only pack what you will need and plan on bringing with you. The rest can either be donated or sold at a garage sale before you move to the next location. Charities often offer to pick up furniture such as couch and mattresses at no charge and your municipality can help direct you in the right direction for recycling or reusing things like electronics, left over paint, appliances, and building materials.

Have your upholstery, curtains, and rugs cleaned before bringing them into your new home. This will help contribute to a clean environment rather than transferring old contaminants and odours into a new environment. Ensure that odours are tackled with products that harness microbial to eliminate odours at the source rather than simply masking them.

Cleaning your New Home

When you are cleaning your new home, some tips should be kept in mind. Use the following guidelines to assist you in tailoring a move-in cleaning program that you can continue to use and adapt for routine maintenance. Conducting a thorough clean of your new apartment, condo, or house, before unpacking will drastically help you limit cleaning time and energy for the future.

  • Use sustainable cleaning solutions for your and the planet’s safety
  • Pre-clean all areas including windows (inside and out) and appliances
  • Disinfect critical touch points around your house (faucets, door handles, light switches…etc.)
  • Eliminate all malodours at the source
  • Clean top to bottom, inside to outside
  • Clean floors last and maintain cleanliness by following a regular cleaning routine to decrease allergens and bacteria
  • It is always important to wash hands frequently and wear gloves to protect hands when using cleaning solutions
  • Tackling malodours and ensuring proper disinfection is especially important for kitchen and bathroom areas to remove all residual bacteria

Keeping a checklist will help facilitate your transition into a new, clean environment for the fresh start you deserve. Use these tips to make your own cleaning schedule and you’ll be off to an exciting beginning in your new home in no time!

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