Value of clean

We enjoy working in a clean setting, but we frequently take for granted the work involved to keep it that way.  All too often the job of the custodian is a thankless one, despite the pivotal role that position plays in the organization. Stop and think for a moment about the advantages of working in a clean facility.



A good first impression is critical; and after all, we only have one chance to make it. Presenting a clean appearance to visitors includes everything that can be seen—floors, walls, windows, restrooms and areas that are frequently touched. Grimy wall switches or telephone handsets have no place in a clean facility.


Wise use of an all-purpose cleaner on a timely schedule can keep things sparkling. But beyond the benefit to visitors, a clean, orderly environment improves the effectiveness of workers by making it easier for them to focus and concentrate. Clean surroundings help people to relax and are less distracting. Better concentration leads to more effective productivity whether in an office or a school setting.


Health and Safety

Correct cleaning protocols, proper training, quality cleaning products, disinfectants, and tools all provide a solid arsenal for custodial staff to fulfill their role as the first line of defense in preventing the spread of sickness and disease in the workplace. The doctor may be able to treat the illness, but top-notch custodial crews can make treatment unnecessary by preventing the spread of the offending viruses and germs. Beyond illnesses, the cleaning staff plays a significant role in preventing slips, falls, and other workplace accidents by keeping floors and walkways clear of spills.


Cost Control

When people are healthy, absenteeism drops and productivity can rise. Maintaining a safe work setting, with reduced accidents, means fewer accident and injury problems and less time missed.  Cost control involves making good use of resources, financial and otherwise. Invest in the staff that keep your organization running smoothly; training pays dividends in efficiency and expertise.


Building Assets

Preservation of building assets is another way to control expenses. Once again, the cleaning and maintenance practices of the custodial staff have a direct influence on the lifespan of building components from carpet and hard surface flooring to faucets and restroom fixtures.


The custodial team’s work touches every corner of the facility, enhancing health and well-being. Remember to thank them for protecting your health and keeping the facility clean.


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