Avmor Celebrates Its 70th Anniversary by Looking Forward to the Next 70 Years

Avmor Celebrates Its 70th Anniversary by Looking Forward to the Next 70 Years

This year marks Avmor’s 70th year in business.  While the company proudly looks back on its founding and growth over the years, it is primarily focused on looking forward, finding ways it can better serve the needs and challenges of building service contractors, property managers, education, foodservice and senior living facilities.

Led by the company’s vision, A More Complete Clean, Avmor’s goal has always been to develop cleaning solutions that are not only effective and make the job of the cleaning professionals easier, but also help protect people and the environment.

According to some statistics, green or environmentally preferable cleaning solutions now make up a third of all the cleaning solutions used in the professional cleaning industry.  Avmor expects that number to grow and plans to play a leading role in making cleaning healthier and more sustainability-focused.

“That’s what we will be celebrating 70 years from now,” says Mattie Chinks, president of Avmor. “We are striving for a future in the professional cleaning industry where cleaning is safer for everyone and at the same time, more effective.”

To do this, Chinks adds that “we will continue to hire passionate people that believe in our goals and want to solve the problems and cleaning challenges of each and every one of our customers. Our customers are important to us.”

Looking back, the company has had many milestones over the years, including the following:

  • Avmor was one of the first companies to introduce sustainable products, our Ecopure line, over 14 years ago.
  • Our first green certified cleaning solutions were certified over 10 years ago, far ahead of many other leading chemical manufacturers in the professional cleaning industry.
  • In recent years, we have been one of the leading manufacturers of dock and dumpster cleaning solutions. These are Biomor cleaning solutions, which release micro-organisms on to surfaces. These microorganisms digest organic matter and attack odors, all at the same time. Along with eliminating soils, grease, oil, and odors, they are very environmentally friendly.
  • Further, we are the only company to be fortunate enough to have two of our staff serve as President of ISSA, the worldwide cleaning association. This is an elected position, given to people that are recognized leaders in the professional cleaning industry.

While we are proud of these milestones, our focus is on the future.  We are planning on introducing many more innovative products and technologies that help solidify our position as a leading player in the professional cleaning industry.



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