How to Wash a Wall: New Avmor Podcast Series Tells Cleaning Professionals How and Why This Is Important

All part of a new MasterClass Podcast Series being introduced by Avmor


Laval, Canada – Avmor, Canada’s oldest and one of its largest manufacturers of professional cleaning solutions, is introducing a new MasterClass Podcast Series: A More Complete Clean.  This is an ongoing, training, education, and best practices podcast program.

A new topic will be discussed every other Wednesday on a continuing basis.

“These are not ‘product sell’ podcasts—far from it,” says Mike Watt, head of Training and Product Development at Avmor. “These are very practical training programs that every cleaning worker encounters on a regular basis.

“Our goal is to promote safety, make the job of the cleaning worker a bit easier, reduce time, lower costs, and give our customers a competitive advantage.”

So, how does a podcast on wall washing fit in?

Watt explains that during the 1988 Winter Olympics held in Canada, representatives from three different cleaning contractors bid on the cleaning needs of the Olympic Village.

“We were all asked ‘how to wash a wall?’ Reps from the first two companies had no idea. However, the contract cleaning company I was working with at that time answered ‘from the bottom up,’ which was the right answer. That right answer won us a very lucrative and very prestigious client.”

As to why a wall should be washed from the bottom up, Watt says that if you start from the top, the cleaning solution will drain down the wall, causing it to streak. “To correct this, what often must happen is the entire wall will need to be re-painted.”

Further details on how to wash a wall can be found by clicking here or by visiting Avmor’s Media Center.

This is also Avmor’s first podcast in the series. According to Watt, other topics to be discussed over the next couple of months include the following:

  • Series 2: Removing a Stubborn Stain from a Carpet
  • Series 3: Why Does My Drain Smell?
  • Series 4: Removing Gum on Carpet

In addition to being available at Avmor’s Media Center, the podcasts can be listened to on Google and Spotify and soon on iTunes as well.

More information on the podcast series is available by email at


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