Urine Odour Elimination and Stains

Odours and stains that result from urine can quickly deter potential customers from staying or coming back to visit your business or facility. Therefore, it is extremely important to be diligent when it comes to the cleaning and removal of the evidence leftover by urine. In a poll conducted by CleanLink in 2014, “94 percent of adults aged 55 and older indicated that odour contributed to their perception of a dirty restroom. In restaurants, according to the poll, unpleasant odour was the No. 2 reason that would prevent patrons from returning to the establishment despite cleanliness in other areas”. Let’s make sure we solve these potential problems in order to maximize customer’s satisfaction through the services you provide!

Using a deodorizer that eliminates odour at the source is key for removing stains and urine odours from carpets on planes, in hotels, long-term care facilities, schools, hospitals, as well as institutions and commercial properties. A fast and effective biological odour control product will optimize bio-enzymatic activity that neutralizes, degrades, and eliminates the cause of odour at the source. The odour is dissolved through a process that engages microbials in the solution to break apart the source of the odour while the enzymes digest the organic matter that causes the odour. Further, using an effective deodorizer will provide residual cleaning that will continue to work up to 80 hours after the application. Microbial cleaning solutions can be used on hard (wall, floor, ceiling, drain) and soft surfaces (curtains, furniture, carpets, fabrics) are effective in washroom areas, garbage collection areas and various rooms in a facility where odours permeate. It will also perform well as a spot removal and is extremely useful for eliminating odour and stains in any facility. Using a high performing odour eliminator will have a positive impact on your bottom line as it will help reduce your business expenses in dry cleaning costs.


Prioritizing the use of products that harness environmentally preferable chemicals that target the odours at the source, rather than simply masking them, will have a drastic improvement on customers’ overall perception. Hospitality market segments struggle most with issues related to odours and stains. A recent survey posted on www.hotelonline.com, reports that out of those surveyed, 28% were most bothered by dirty washrooms, 23% were most bothered by odours while 8% were disturbed most by carpet stains on the floor.


Transportation is another target market that has demonstrated significant results in terms of the importance of maintaining a clean, odour and stain free environment. With more than 12 million Canadians using public transportation according to http://www.cutaactu.ca/ and www.viarail.com identifying more than 3.9 million passengers that take Via Rail trains yearly, neglecting to address issues of cleanliness on public transit vehicles is simply not an option.


In order to completely eliminate urine odour and stains in a washroom, a solution that uses microbials to break apart the organic matter should be selected in order to convert the organic waste into water and carbon dioxide. Environmentally preferable solutions such as these are effective and do not release any harmful chemicals to the water system, making it safe to use and protects the human health. A quality solution will also provide long-term deep cleaning by removing imbedded residual organics left in pores, cracks, grout, corners and crevices.

According to a study by Cleaning Maintenance and Management magazine, 44% of respondents cited washroom cleanliness as the main area of concern. In general, people tend to judge the cleanliness of your facility based on the condition of your washrooms. Maintaining a clean and odour free washroom will ensure repeat business and customer satisfaction.


Schools are where our children spend the majority of their time, so ensuring that the environment is safe, healthy, and clean for our future generation should be on your list of top priority. Removing odours at the source rather than masking them means the removal of odours and germs released into the air. Using environmentally preferable solutions also contribute to improved indoor air quality that can result in improved staff, teachers and students’ attendance and attitude, as well as retention, math and reading scores.

Senior Living Facilities

A clean facility creates a more pleasant environment for residents and staff, as well as helping to attract new customers. Using solutions that eliminate the source of malodours at the source will contribute to a positive environment and high standard of living. For areas that are frequently used such as common areas, high appearance levels must be constantly maintained. Using spot cleaning treatments for carpets as well as deodorizers will effectively contribute to a healthy and pristine environment that residents and their families expect, helping them feel at ease and comfortable within the facility.

Keeping the environment germ, odour, and stain free is optimal for creating a good impression for your customers. Take the proper measures by using the most effective deodorizer and odour eliminating solutions so that the environment and workers are as protected as your reputation. Ensuring that the solution harnesses natural organic matter to eliminate odours at the source will contribute to an overall healthier environment which less allergens and irritants that conventional products contain. Choose a solution that does the work for you so you can focus on the success of your business and the comfort of your customers!


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