20/20 Concentrated Carpet Cleaner

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A special blend of carpet cleaning chemicals. This rich, colourless, concentrate contains anionic detergents, sequestrants, cleaning agents, inorganic detergent builders, buffering agents and extremely effective odour counteractants. Use 20/20 through hot water extractors to remove soils and stains from all types of carpet fibres. COLOUR-SAFE.

NOTE: Pre-test solution for colour fastness on an inconspicuous area of carpet or fabric.
Prior to using 20/20, carpet should be vacuumed, visible stains should be removed, and traffic lanes should be pre-sprayed.
LIGHT TO MEDIUM SOILS: Mix 1 part concentrate to 80 parts hot water.
HEAVY SOILS: Mix 1 part concentrate to 40 parts hot water.

Technical Specifications
AppearanceClear to slightly turbid
Odour Floral
Specific Gravity1.045 – 1.065
pH10.5 – 11.5
Solids (%Brix)13.5 – 14.5%