ALPET E3 Alcohol Sanitizing Lotion

STATUS: Active

NPN: 0244592


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Alpet E3 is a 70% alcohol liquid hand sanitizer effective in killing harmful germs and bacteria which can be found on the skin. For personal hand hygiene to help prevent the spread of certain bacteria

Use ALPET E3 as part of your daily cleansing routine. Spray entire surface of hands, including fingertips and cuticles. Rub product onto hands and allow to dry. No rinsing or toweling is necessary. Repeat immediately following hand washing, and between hand washings as needed.
NOTE: Transferring or diluting this product into secondary containers other than those provided by Avmor may significantly reduce the efficacy of this product.

Technical Specifications
AppearanceClear Liquid
Odour Alcohol
Specific Gravity0.850 – 0.865
pH7.0 – 8.0