ATOMIC All Purpose Cleaner

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ATOMIC All Purpose Cleaner is ideal for industrial and institutional use. This product may be used to clean any hard surface; counters, walls, floors, doors, venetian blinds, painted surfaces, and more. Leaves a fresh lemon scent behind.

FOR GENERAL CLEANING: Add 1/4 cup (60 ml / 2 fl oz) of product to 1/2 bucket of hot water. (No rinsing, no wiping dry required).
FOR EXTRA TOUGH JOBS OR TOUCH UPS: Use straight from the bottle and rinse promptly. This product is not intended for rugs or upholstery, aluminum, glass or laundry.

Technical Specifications
Appearance Clear Liquid
Colour Fluorescent green
Odour  Lemon
Specific Gravity 1.040 – 1.060
pH 10.7 – 11.2
Refractive Index 10.0 – 12.0%
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