AV-MIXX II Dilution Control System

STATUS: Active.

For 1.8 L Av-mixx closed-loop bottles.

Option 1 Option 2
Item # 0000024994 Item # 0000024996
Format 1x1  E-GAP (1&3.5 GPM) Format 1x1  AIRGAP (1& 3.5 GPM)
Weight 3.6 kg Weight 3.6 kg
Option 3
Item # 0000024995
Format 1x1  E-GAP (1& 2.5 GPM)
Weight 3.6 kg
Reliable dilution control system for multiple chemicals. The Av-Mixx II offers a unique way to dispense a wide variety of automatically diluted solutions into spray bottles, buckets and other containers, while eliminating the possibility of chemical carryover between products. Patented AccuPro® Pressure Regulation Technology eliminates dilution variance by controlling the amount of water permitted into the unit, never allowing it to “lean out” the desired dilution target.


  • One dispenser can be used to dilute multiple cleaning products

  • It uses the same mounting pattern as the original Av-Mixx dispensers

  • It can be used with original Av-Mixx chemical bottles

  • The new unit has a shelf to prevent the bottle from separating from the seal

  • Venting System: Its venting system allows users to have one closed-loop chemical for both high and low fill rates out of the same botte.

  • Patented Dual Flow: The patented dual flow cartridge assembly prevents chemical contact and eliminates product carryover

  • Cam Assembly: The cam assembly provides simple, one hand operation to engage and disengage the bottle – every time

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