Avmor Low Temp Liquid Detergent

STATUS: Active, will be discontinued once stock is depleted and replaced by 0413278002 and 0413334002.

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Item # 0360278002 Item # 0360334002
Format 4x4L Format 1x20L
Weight 20.43 kg Weight 25.42 kg
System Free pour System Free pour
AVMOR LOW TEMPERATURE DISH DETERGENT is a premium low temperature detergent designed for use on all commercial dish and glassware washers.

AVMOR LOW TEMPERATURE DISH DETERGENT is meant to be used with automatic feed equipment. Recommended wash temperature is 60-70 °C (140-158 °F) and the recommended use concentration is 9-15 ml (0.3-0.5 oz) per cycle.

Technical Specifications
Appearance Clear Liquid
Colour Colourless to Light Yellow
Odour  Odourless
Specific Gravity 1.200 – 1.215
pH (1% sol./water) ≥ 12.0
Refractive Index 29.0 – 34.0%
Active Alkalinity (ml HCl 1.0 N) ≥ 2.50
Total Alkalinity (ml HCl 1.0 N) ≥ 3.20
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