SCALE OFF Lime and Scale Remover

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SCALE OFF is a premium lime and scale remover for dishwashing machines, coffee urns, stainless steel surfaces, glasses, steam tables and teapots.

LIGHT DUTY SOILS: (1:50), 19 ml/946 ml, 0.6 oz/32 oz.

MEDIUM DUTY SOILS: (1:7), 118 ml/946 ml, 4 oz/32 oz.


DISHWASHING MACHINES (in a full tank depending on accumulation of scale): 500 ml – 1.5 L/tank, 16.9 – 50.7 oz/tank.

1) Apply solution on a microfiber cloth or apply directly onto surface or soak the item to be cleaned. Let stand for a few minutes or longer if necessary.
Agitation may speed up the cleaning action.
2) Wipe clean with microfiber cloth
3) Rinse thoroughly with potable water.

Safety Data Sheet
Technical Data Sheet
LONO: Letter of Non-Objection for food plants
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