Biomor™ Multi-Purpose Cleaner

STATUS: Active

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Option 1 Option 2
Item # 2269257001 Item # 2269259030
Format 4x1.8L Format 2x2.8L
Weight 8.22 kg Weight 6.2 kg
System Dilution control System Dilution control
Option 3 Option 4
Item # 2269276030 Item # 2269277001
Format 4x3.78L Format 4x3.78L
Weight 16.26  kg Weight 16.26 kg
System Dilution control System Free pour


BIOMOR MULTI-PURPOSE CLEANER is a general use product for superior cleaning and odour control. This bioactive formulation, containing bacterial spores, is designed to breakdown and digest organic matter. Its enzymatic activity provides outstanding breakdown of starch, carbohydrates, fats, oils and grease. Ideal for institutional, industrial and foodservice use. This product is also ideal for odour control in garbage bins, compactors, refuse areas and bathrooms including floors, urinals, walls and toilet bowls. BIOMOR MULTI-PURPOSE CLEANER provides an effective and environmentally preferable cleaning solution.

NOTE: SHAKE WELL BEFORE USE. Do not mix the product with sanitizing agents. To avoid excess foaming, pour water first or place dilution
control system as close to the side of the container being filled. Improper use or dilution may lead to increased risk of health effects.
Best results are seen when applied to damp surfaces and the area is kept wet as long as possible.
1) Spray directly onto the surface or apply with a mop or an autoscrubber.
2) Leave wet for about 5 minutes. Agitation may speed up the cleaning action.
3) Wipe or let dry.
4) Repeat as needed.
To increase the performance of the product, it must be used on a regular basis.

Dilution ratio  (1 part product : x parts water OR quantity of product / total quantity of solution)
Light Duty or Floor Cleaning 1:64
15 ml / 946 ml
58 ml / 3.78 L
0.5 oz / 32 oz
2 oz / 1 US gal
Heavy Duty 1:32
29 ml / 946 ml
115 ml / 3.78 L
1 oz / 32 oz
3.9 oz / 1 US gal
Technical Specifications
Appearance Opaque Liquid
Colour White
Odour  Perfumed
Specific Gravity 1.000 – 1.030
pH 6.5 – 7.5
Microbial Specification 20 millions CFU/ml
CFU/ml = Colony forming units per milliliter
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