Biomor™ Urinal Pucks

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Biomor Urinal Pucks are designed to provide immediate and effective odour control in urinals while inoculating the
drain system with beneficial bioenzymatics. The bioenzymatics degrade the organics that cause odors and backups, making a cleaner, fresher restroom experience.
No Phosphates • No solvents • No dichlorobenzene • Low concentrations of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) • Apple Fragrance and Blue Colour
- Surfactants in this product are readily biodegradable in accordance with
OECD 301 standard. • Individually Wrapped

1) Place the screen containing the block at the bottom of the urinal. 2) The block will dissolve gradually within a 30 to 60 day period for an average use of the urinal.
RECYCLING: This product package including the container, label, and shipping carton are all designed to be recycled.

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