Bulk Hand Soap Dispenser Refillable

STATUS: Active

Option 1 Option 2
Item # 0000025046 Item # N/A
Format 1x1 un Format N/A
Weight 0.45 kg Weight N/A

Products for use with this dispenser:

2057278001EP72 Hand soap

2277278001SOFT HANDS Lotion Hand Soap

2277334001SOFT HANDS Lotion Hand Soap

2277390001: SOFT HANDS Lotion Hand Soap

2278278001:  ADORA Lotion hand soap


Bulk dispensers can save you money by purchasing 1 single dispenser with multiple products offered.

  • Capacity: 880 ml capacity tank and hidden, removable backplate.

  • Simple: Easy to access and load product.

  • Bulk Solutions: Multiple products (lotion or liquid type) offered in bulk quantities for use in refillable dispensers.

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