EP69 Glass and Surface Cleaner


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Avmor’s ECOPURE EP69 Glass and Surface Cleaner is a cleaner that dissolves, suspends and removes soil from glass, plexiglas, windows, mirrors, windshields, walls, countertops, cabinets, partitions, light fixtures, stainless steel, chrome, plastic, vinyl, appliances, desks and other surfaces not harmed by water. EP69 leaves no residue. Ideal for use in hospitals, schools, food service, kitchens, restrooms, shower rooms, hotels, gymnasiums, offices, lunchrooms, fitness centers and virtually every other kind of facility.
- No Phosphates.
- No VOC’S (Volatile Organic Compounds).
- Fragrance free.
- All ingredients in this product are readily biodegradable in accordance with OECD 301 standard.

** PLEASE NOTE: To avoid excess foaming, pour water first and then EP69.
1. For 946 ml (32 oz) spray bottles, mix 59 ml (2 oz) of EP69 using cold water (1:16). For mop buckets, mix 236 ml (8 oz) of EP69 per 3.78 L (1 gallon) of cold water (1:16) using the portion aid provided.
2. Apply solution to surface.
3. Wipe with a cloth, sponge or squeegee.