EP80 Sealer Finish

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Format 4x4L Format 1x20L
Weight 17.35 kg Weight 21.91 kg
System Free pour System Free pour
EP80 Sealer Finish is designed with the newest in environmentally preferable polymer technology. It does not contain zinc or other heavy metals to interfere with industrial wastewater treatment processes. The gloss, durability, recoatability and removability of EP80 are excellent. It dries to a smooth, hard, clear and colourless coating in 30 minutes under almost any condition. Excellent for vinyl composition, linoleum, sheet vinyl, concrete, terrazzo, quarry, Mexican tile and most resilient type flooring.

NOTE: Ensure adequate ventilation. Floor surface must be clean, dry and free of residue prior to applying EP80. When stripping is required,
choose a Green Seal® certified floor stripper.
1) On a stripped floor, apply 3-5 coats of EP80 with a clean synthetic finish mop or a microfiber mop or applicator system.
2) Allow each coat to dry completely, normally 30 minutes before recoating.
3) Apply additional coats depending on gloss expectations and traffic conditions.

Technical Specifications
Appearance Opaque Liquid
Colour White
Odour  Acrylic
Specific Gravity 1.003 – 1.043
pH 6.5 – 9.0
Refractive Index 22.0 – 26.0%
4 L (1.06 US Gallon) Coverage 139 – 186 m2 (1500 – 2000 ft2)
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