EP80 Multi-Use Floor Coating


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EP80 Multi-Use Floor Coating is designed with the newest in environmentally preferable polymer technology. It contains NO zinc or other heavy metals to interfere with industrial wastewater treatment processes. The gloss, durability, recoatability and removability of EP80 Multi-Use Floor Coating are excellent. It dries to a smooth, hard, clear and colourless coating in 30 minutes under almost any condition. Excellent for vinyl composition, linoleum, sheet vinyl, concrete, terrazzo, quarry, Mexican tile and most resilient type flooring.

**Please note: To avoid excess foaming, pour water first and then EP80.
1) Mix EP80 according to dilution chart.
2) Thoroughly clean the floor prior to applying EP80.
Applying as a sealer, finish or restorer:
1) On a stripped floor, apply EP80 with a clean mop or wax applicator.
2) Allow each coat to dry completely, normally 30 minutes before recoating.
3) Apply additional coats depending on gloss expectations and traffic conditions.
Applying as a spray buff:
1) Apply with a sprayer directly onto the floor and buff immediately with proper floor pad.
2) Dust mop area once again if necessary.
Dilution chart:
Use as a floor finish: Use EP80 undiluted for a high performance floor finish.
Use as a Floor Sealer: Use EP80 undiluted to make a high performance floor sealer.
Use as a Spray Buff Solution: Mix 5 parts water with 1 part EP80.
Use as a Mop on Restorer: Mix 2 parts water with 1 part EP80.