EP86 LOKSEAL Floor Sealer


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EP86 LOKSEAL Floor Sealer is designed with the newest in environmentally preferable polymer technologies. EP86 LOKSEAL is compatible with all Avmor floor finishes. It is highly recommended for sealing pores and leveling floor surfaces in preparation of floor finish application. Excellent for vinyl composition, linoleum, sheet vinyl, concrete, terrazzo, quarry, Mexican tile and most resilient type flooring.
- Formaldehyde Free.
- Metal Free.
- APE Free.
- Low VOC’s.
- Low Odour.
- Organic ingredients in this product are readily biodegradable in accordance with OECD 301 standard.

1. Thoroughly strip floor, removing old floor finish.
2. Rinse with clean water and let dry.
3. Apply 1-2 coats of EP86 LOKSEAL.
4. Allow 30 minutes between coats.
5. After sealing, apply Avmor floor finish.
RECYCLING: This product package including the container, label, and shipping carton are all designed to be recycled. Follow all Federal, Provincial and Local regulations regarding waste disposal.