“Let’s Clean®” – Food Service Sanitation Box

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Weight 18.00 kg Weight N/A
The «Let’s Clean®» Box is an all-in-1 solution to help you and your staff to know what to use, how to use and where to use. It’s your more complete clean box to ensure compliance with Health and Food regulations.

1 X 946 ml Blue Stuff II RTU
1 X 4 L Orange Stuff
1 X 4 L Yellow Stuff
3 X 946 ml Sani Stuff RTU
1 X 4 L Sani Stuff
2 X Sprayers
1 X Envelope Quat Test strips
1 X Pink microfiber cloth
1 X Green microfiber cloth


Box weight : 18 kg.

Box size:  13 X 13

Palletization: (Length) 48 X (Width )40 X (Height) 43.170

SCC: 10775680017422

- Promotes compliance with Health Canada, a requirement for food service establishments
- Products have LONO (Letter of Non-Objection for food establishments)
- Everything a restaurant needs to clean
- Cost efficient with low inventory overhead
- Customization unmatched in the industry
- Understanding your needs and challenges

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