Low Temperature Sanitizer – PLUS SERVICE

STATUS: Active, replaces Kleen Canada 2200278001, 2200334001

This product is also our alternative for Norchem Bleach and Low Temp Sanitizer (0910270020) but with service. The suggested alternative may not be a direct match. It is recommended that an analysis based on the application be conducted to ensure the solution is suitable.


Option 1 Option 2
Item # 2200278003 Item # 2200334003
Format 4x4L Format 20L
Weight 19.7 kg Weight 24.8 kg
System Free pour System Free pour
AVMOR LOW TEMPERATURE SANITIZER is for use in low temperature dish and glass washers using automatic feed equipment, for sanitizing purposes.

Adjustments and calibration should be performed by an Avmor qualified service technician. Use as directed by your Avmor qualified service technician.

This product package including the container, label and shipping carton are all designed to be recycled.

Technical Specifications
Appearance Clear Liquid
Colour Yellow
Odour  Chlorine
Specific Gravity 1.150 – 1.250
pH ≥11.5
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