REM 28 Energized Degreasing Cleaner


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A heavy-duty, foaming degreasing cleaner formulated for quick removal of organic soils. Use with confidence on all hard surfaces.
Use on metal, rubber, glass, concrete, and other hard surfaces to quickly remove grease, oils, heavy soil, soot and smoke stains, mildew, etc., in meat cutting rooms, slaughter houses, butcher shops, poultry processing plants and hatcheries, dairies, rendering plants, canneries, and other food processing establishments.
NOTE: Not recommended for use on soft metals. May damage painted surfaces.
• Incorporates emulsifiers, penetrating and peptizing agents
• High foam
• 100% soluble in water
• High surfactant content
• Non-flammable and non-toxic
• Provides rapid, complete oil and dirt emulsification and dispersion
• Prolonged surface contact time
• Free rinsing
• Excellent wetting ability

CCombine Rem 28 with hot water in a 1 to 15-20 proportion (1 part Rem 28 with 15-20 parts water). For best results, apply through a foamer. Allow to work on surfaces for 10-15 minutes, then rinse well with hot water pressure spray.