SF151 Floor Cleaner and Prep

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SF151 Floor Cleaner and Prep is a safe, versatile cleaner formulated for preparing and cleaning wood, synthetic sports, sheet, concrete and vinyl tile floors prior to recoating. By using various dilutions, SF151 will effectively remove food & protein-based soils, grease, body oils, scuffs, black heel marks, embedded soils and controlled amounts of oxidized coatings from wood floors sealed with water or solvent based finishes, synthetic sports floors and finished vinyl tile floors. SF151 moderate pH level makes it safer to use. SF151 evaporates quickly and doesn’t require rinsing prior to recoating. SF151 can also be used as part of a scheduled maintenance program, or as a spot cleaner for wood floors sealed with water or solvent based finishes.

VINYL TILE FLOORS: Dilute SF151 Floor Cleaner And Prep, 6 oz (180 ml) per gallon of cold water (1:20) for deep scrubbing vinyl tiles prior to recoating.
SYNTHETIC SPORTS FLOORS: Dilute SF151, 8 oz (240 ml) per gallon (3.78 L) of cold water (1:15) for deep scrubbing synthetic sports floors prior to recoating.
NOTE: Synthetic sports floors and paints vary widely in composition. Tests should be performed using SF151 at the recommended dilution ratio.
WOOD, GYMNASIUM AND CONCRETE FINISHES: For deep scrubbing, dilute SF151, 10 oz (300 ml) per gallon (3.78 L) of cold water (1:12) for water/solvent based wood or gymnasium finishes, prior to recoating.
GENERAL FLOOR PREPARATION PROCEDURES: For large areas, apply the diluted solution liberally using an autoscrubber equipped with a 3M Scotch Brite Type A, maroon, Surface Prep Pad (SPP). For smaller areas, apply diluted solution liberally with a mop & bucket. Scrub the areas to be recoated with the autoscrubber or a 175-300 RPM equipped with SPP pads. Vacuum the soiled solution with the autoscrubber or a wet/dry vacuum. If all of the soiled solution has been removed by vacuuming, no rinsing is necessary. If a residue remains lightly scrub or damp mop the floor with Avmor’s EP64 Neutral Cleaner. Follow proper use direction. Allow the floor to dry thoroughly before applying new coats of finish.
ROUTINE CLEANING: SF151 may also be used as a routine cleaner for coated wood, coated or bare concrete floors by diluting it 2-4 oz (60-120 ml) per gallon (3.78 L) of cold water (1:60 to 1:30) depending on the amount and type of soils present in the environment, or as a degreaser at 6-8 oz (180-240 ml) per gallon (3.78 L) of cold water (1:20 to 1:15). The diluted SF151 can be applied using an autoscrubber with red or blue scrubbing pads or a damp mop solution.

Technical Specifications
Active Ingredients Propylene compounds, alcohol ethoxylates
pH  10.1 – 10.7
Ammonia None
Alkali  0.5%
Acids None
Phosphates None
Abrasives None
Colour Yellow
Odour  Citrus/Grapefruit
Solubility in Water 100%
Freeze/Thaw Stability  3 cycles
Shelf Life  Min. 1 year (30 °F – 125 °F/-1 °C – 51 °C)
Flash Point 200 °F (93.3 °C)
Weight per US Gallon (3.78 L)  8.3 lb (3,76 kg)
Biodegradeable Yes
Soil Suspension Excellent


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