SOFT HANDS Lotion Hand Soap

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Item # 2277278001 Item # 2277334001
Format 4X4L Format 1x20L
Weight 17.35 kg Weight 21.91 kg
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Format 1x210L Format N/A
Weight 225.31 kg Weight N/A
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Soft Hands is a mild creamy quality hand soap. Possesses excellent cleaning ability, a lovely soft texture, luxurious suds and refreshing fragrance. Use in industrial plants, schools, office and public buildings, restaurants, hotels, motels, food plants, service stations, restrooms or wherever personnel must maintain a high level of hand cleanliness.

Apply Soft Hands Lotion Hand Soap on your hands. Wash, rub briskly and rinse thoroughly.

Technical Specifications
Appearance Opaque Liquid
Colour Pink
Odour  Cherry
Specific Gravity 1.035 – 1.050
pH 5.0 – 7.5
Refractive Index 10.0 – 13.0%
Viscosity 4000 – 6000 cps
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